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Pek Rondoon

Pek Rondoon

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Pek is a scared, traumatized, underfed nautolan boy who needs long-term mental therapy and physical security before he will be anywhere near "healthy" again.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Pek is the traumatized, orphaned witness to a heist of research material off Thyferra concerning the aggressive species from the tombworld of Tor Ceti in the Mecetti Province. His family were probably killed aboard the cruise liner. Lieutenant Hicks and Sector Ranger Andan Jouric managed to get him away from the hostile pursuers, but not cleanly.
Pek is currently in the legal custody of Grakor the Hutt while Ranger Jouric, his immediate protector, heals from lethal wounds taken in Pek's defense.
Everyone involved in the cruise ship attack wants control of Pek Rondoon.

Mental Trauma

Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Lord Grakor committed themselves to a grueling schedule of public gladiatorial matches in order to buy time for Ranger Jouric to recover, so that Ranger Jouric and Lord Grakor could then smuggle Pek away to a safer place. Pek did not know that Hutts ever did anything like that. He does not know what to think of Ysadora. He mostly does not talk to anyone except Ranger Jouric -- and, when he caught up with them on Nar Shaddaa, Lieutenant Hicks.
Until Hicks arrived, Pek sometimes had to make a public appearance at the gladiator matches on the Kotera. He had to sit in the private viewing box with Lord Grakor. No one could get at him, but everyone could see him. Pek did not like doing that, but then, at fight time if he did not have to sit up there, it was because Lord Grakor was in the arena with the Jedi, which meant it was a more dangerous combat. There's always the chance that all of the adults trying to protect him are going to end up as dead as his family.
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