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Andan Jouric

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 10.0 "Birthright"

Sector Ranger Andan Jouric

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As of early Telona 12721, Imperial Special Operative Andan Jouric had been cut off from all support by his Galactic Empire superiors in a particularly horrific scenario: He was a slave on Fell Station. He could see for himself that other slaves were dying of the radiation and toxic chemicals in their work. His loyal, diligent service to his Empire meant nothing when he was the one needing risky effort -- but surely, his superiors would not have abandoned him like this casually?


He was trying to make up his mind which side of the ethical issues best suited him when he was rescued from terminal slavery by VN Ysadora, Lod Zorad, Yeager Lexics, and Jangir Toth. Unfortunately Vanya and Lod strongly disagreed over how much self-determination to allow him, and he vanished in the shuffle. Vanya is still trying to track him down during her limited free time.

Current Location


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