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Possibly the only true native creature to Chalcedon. the Aur’rook are an inhabitant of the wide deserts of Chalcedon.
With a dark rubbery outer skin, the Aur’rook glide through desert sands as easily as their aquatic counterparts swim through water.
Aur’rook are cephalopods, with a distinct head, bilateral symmetry, a mantle and arms. In fact they have ten arms in total and two much longer tentacles that are used as rudders when they move.
They form families called a ‘clutch’ in which the males of the species are responsible for providing for the young until maturity in the group. The females often hunt and patrol territory.
Rumor has it that the Aur’rook have eaten settlers, but these haven’t been proven. Aur’rook have been seen to drag Reavers beneath the sand but there is no evidence this is for food.
Aur’rook have been seen consuming the deep desert beetles called Shirock that form large hives near underground water sources.


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