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Mystic Mob Investigations  

Case File: Shards of Exploration

Admin note:
Earlier in Helona, I froze the card numbers where they had been before I did a major resort. Resort is still in progress! However, I have turned off the "pause" on the numbering as I get substacks into neater order. Sometimes I shuffled a few cards into a different substack in the process. I hope that by Shelova Week, I will have a better sort system throughout both top stacks -- including more direct crosslinks between individual cards.
Mid-Melona, at the latest.
Force keep us off Byss, I might even get it done sooner.
I already shuffled in the previously separate stacks that began on Nar Shaddaa.
- index update by VNY
Satunda, 17 Helona
12731 T

The CotF Artifacts Transport Job

Remember when this was a straightforward courier job? Back in the end of 'Seven-thirty?
job-related Facts cards
Cross-reference cards from other stacks:

The Crimson Knights Refuge Job

After a coordinated slaughter, most of the Galaxy does not know whether any Crimson Knights are alive.
It is a ghastly reflection back to the earliest months of the Galactic Star Empire.
We know some Crimson Knights are alive. We want to find them, support them, and find out why a coalition of Problems are so set on wiping them out.
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The Vormecetti Boneworm-Smuggling Job

Once upon a time, some ill-advised science happened on a High Vor Tomb World.
See, the especially conservative traditionalists among the High Vor set aside specific worlds to be repositories of their honored ancestors.
And someone -- possibly a Matres -- hired a team of geneticists to apply Kaminoan cultural methods to the genetically hyper-adaptive species of "bone worm" native to Tor Ceti.
But the ill-advised ideas did not stop there, oh no;
  HellWalrus-related Facts cards
138. investigate prior investigations of StarCruiser  
Kidnapping-for-hire attempt on Pek Rondoon, Andan Jouric, and Hicks.

Cap'n Kolene's "Auntie" (not Maicha on Coruscant, I think) wants to interview Pek Rondoon and Hicks about the Thunder Maiden incident.
per desk sgt at Coldwater Detention Facility

Fen Jalus

(who is not the same person as Fenrisal from earlier, because we saw Fenrisal in the Sunrise Memorial Hospital at Xucphra City where he was absolutely a different person)
is willing to pay a bounty hunter three hundred thousand credits for the pleasure of Pek Rondoon's, Hicks', and Andan Jouric's involuntary company.
Some Tor Ceti creatures are stored by the Bloodsmith Raiders in the bottom levels of Nar Shaddaa.
V: Update: Not any more!
A cargo of Tor Ceti creatures (and eggs thereof) are en route to Chalcedon.
Part of Almon D'Joy's plan involves trapping Zaye and her children on Chalcedon when it gets invaded by Tor Ceti creatures. The point is to force Grakkus the Hutt into open hostility against the Freedworlds Republic.
Four batches of Tor Cetian creatures shipping to Chalcedon.
One shipment was in orbit on 1008:05:12 RR which would make it 12 Nelona 12731 TT.
V: Crom, I hate doing that conversion in my head.
DT: Hon. It's just a year change of plus or minus
and then remember the cultural month name.
V: Exactly! I hate it.
At least two more Tor Cetian creature shipments may still be in preparation on the Faultline level.
DT: Update: Not any more!
Fallen Mentat Almon D'Joy told Bonejackers that he worried about "some Nautolan kid" talking about what the kid saw aboard a cruise liner. The child's story might lead people into looking at who sponsored the effort to send the Tor Cetians to Thyferra for study:

some guy named Vorpadaran

Having Genog the Zabrak, Champion of the Arena penned up in Faultline puts the Gamesman in a bind. It fouls up deals and matches. It opens the Gamesman to blackmail/pressure to put "Blue" into the Arena as often as possible.
Another blackmail option: force the Gamesman to smuggle Tor Cetian creatures to Chalcedon aboard ships which are already serving a favor for Grakkus the Hutt ... without informing Grakkus of additional cargo.
Tor Cetian critters can be befriended and given better, more productive outlets for their uncertainty and aggression.
221. backtrace the hivemind plasmoid tech  

The Puppeteer Parasites Pandemic

(with a side of Amoeboid Body Tissue Replacement)
  Enslavement Symbiote-related Facts cards

Thousand Year Grudge War: Exclamation Points

I do have some familiarity with their names for their species and culture.
I got into the habit of not speaking them so that I could truthfully state, with a Solicitor present to judge me, that I had not been blabbing to the Galaxy at large about them.
Granted: now that several of the Aw'akeen have begun acting publicly in our Galaxy, I no longer need to maintain that fine line.
  ! -related Facts cards
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Thousand Year Grudge War: Mind Snackers

How are these related to the original job?
I'm so glad you asked!
Here: I have receipts!
  Eborrean-related Facts cards
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The Auntie Maicha Job

it's like this:
If you want to mend your robe, you have to acquire time, skill, materials, and tools.
To access all of those at once, you may first need to accomplish other tasks.
So there we were, on Coruscant, following up....
You know, maybe Captain Kolene is the best person to summarize this portion of our case report!
  Maicha-related Facts cards

Bendu/B'omarr Woo, Chalcedon Edition

I just know there is going to be a direct, strong, causal link between them.
Also with the Force Benders.
I think this might be an archaeological thing? In support of which, I turn over this portion of the briefing to Knight So'Zen al Saba.
  Regional Mystic Mob-related Facts cards
hidden direct "hyperspace routes" seem to pass directly through lg masses in local space
V: maybe not using same alternate dimension?
60. next flight plan goes to OR  
per Gelvin, The WAVE
Sometimes people from Port Nevermore disappear while out in the desert. If they are found again, they do not remember anything that happened to them since long before they disappeared.
per Yoda
Dai Bendu Order has existed for a thousand years. Original founders of Jedi Order traditionally believed to have been Dai Bendu monks.
A Bendu Temple exists on Chalcedon in the Needle Forest canyon.
Here (hovering over the Needle Forest Bendu Temple) is a Corellian cruiser in service to

"Immortal Emperor Sargon"

who supposedly ruled the Unknown Regions.

Mistress Belshanna

priestess of the Bendu Temple on Chalcedon
is a Rancor

Infinity Gate



I am not committing ANY additional data to ANY medium except in-person direct communication.
per Elnon, Bendu priest, deceased
  • the network between Infinity Gate portals
  • he thinks it's a web-like structure passing through hyperspace
Port Tanin
  • was a pirate town up in the mountains east of the Needle Forest.
  • is a ruin, possibly due to rival massacre.
  • is now a nexus of the Dark Side.
The Needle Forest Bendu Temple was attacked by Bloodsmith Raiders. The Galactic Star Empire Consort's SSD put a stop to that, capturing many of the Raiders, but not before Mistress Belshanna was taken away.
Update to prior information: Vance Kerplocken has located Mistress Belshanna in company of two Ragnar Syndicate protectors. VK is working on relocating them to secure location.
Complication: that Vishan Pel walking emoji is interested in keeping Mistress Belshanna in difficulty.
Originating Date: 12731:05:26
Here in the sands north of the Revolving Temple is a canyon.
In the canyon is a stone (probably? we're not ready to chip it and find out) obelisk.
The obelisk is covered on most of its sides with writing in three ancient languages:
  • Eborrean (we're guessing)
  • Rakata (could be?)
  • ancient Sith
but the side facing toward a natural stone bridge is blank. Northward-ish side.
For that matter, the stone bridge also has quite a bit of ancient text carved into it.
Originating Date: 12731:05:26
Update: The obelisk is the top of a chamber system. Complete with fancy airlock-style top hatch in the ground near the base of the antenna.
The obelisk is an antenna, Cosmic Force wise.
Inside this particular chamber -- which might be an Aildae Bender temple? -- are
  • My two most recently missing people, Rico and Goss.
  • four two-stories-tall-each statues that look kind of Aildae.
  • some sort of energy matrix jobby that's trying to call me on the carpet.
Tell me one of you two got Highlight Reel! -- H
No. Frellrammit. -- G
That was entirely too personal a trial to ever be distributed. -- R
Wait. That means you DID see Vanya
cuss out ancient mystic woo for you two? -- H
Wait. That means you DID get more
footage of the four 'Walkers moving around? Share! -- G
Not gonna happen, vode. -- R
per Dr. Zack Stavin's preserved memory
Satestone crystals
are purple
used for meditation on several worlds
also found in constructed "bugs" here on Chalcedon this week
Some preserved memories in a Vitenn Irok of
have been downloaded into Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba.
For the time being, that's who we've got in the body there. Doc tried mangling his name to get So'Zen back, but no joy. This seems to be who So'Zen really feels we need around right now?
I had to take away the multitools so he won't cut off his own montrals.
He's really enthused to head north to be an archaeologist at some ruins. But he neglects tawdry details like "survival supplies" or "do not steer your repulsorcraft into a sandstorm ffs".
Dr. Zack thinks of me as an impertinent, bossy interloper. Barely tolerable at a civilized breakfast table.
Dr. Zack knew Jedi Knight Drax Pellian, which puts the recording of these memories at more than a century ago.
Dr. Zack keeps chanting at us something about three obelisks to "show the way". I think that's So'Zen trying to pass us some critical intel.
per So'Zen and Erenn Baize
Stiydear Estate was at one point in its past a B'omarr Monastery.
Which means it absolutely will have catacombs.
And so it does.
Baize says he cleaned out what he could and bricked shut the rest.
per Honloo Dust Ocean obelisk
There are four spikes.
Not just three.
per Honloo Dust Ocean obelisk
We're going to find our next stop on the Zack Stavin Memorial Trail at a very Sith site.
V: Is a Sith Sorcerer available for a brief road trip?
V: Maybe he can do a telework consultation.
The proper polite form of greeting with B'omarr Monks is
Clear thoughts to you.
If a presumedly subsentient human starts singing The Pi Song while defending self and others from a B'omarr Swatting, timing her defenses or movements to said song, it is possible that the B'omarr Monks will suddenly hypothesize that they are trying to swat intellectual toddlers.
V: Possibly relevant, I lose the thread around verse 3 or 4.
Only a monster swats toddlers!
Possibly aggression will be paused.
Or, possibly, the "toddlers" will promptly get stuffed into whatever the B'omarr think of as an educational nursery.
B'omarr Spider Mechas can do a jump-pounce in the style of typical arachnoidal webless stalkers.
V: Cross-reference with Problem, B'omarr do not culturally seem to have the idea of 'positive consent' requirements.
per Reese
The historic individual who signed off on these particular Sith Devastator Armor models was Darth Pym.
The important thing here is that his first name was "Darth"!
- KitKat, distressed, reports relevant findings to his supportive Vorish rescuer
in the World Beyond Worlds
(probably "Darth Krath")
Name given during the Introductions Phase by the blue-skinned projection of the Guardian for Page 357 of the Tenocron Codex
V: We are likely to mispronounce this as "Craft".
DT: Like the cheese.
DT: Also. Krath could not percieve me.
V: Nifty!
Sith Devastator Armor was three-dee-printed, at least in part, from upcycled starship hull plating.
That suggests the Codex page is drawing its physical resources from a downed starship, buried somewhere under the sand around here.
per Reese
Sith Devastator Armor has an excellent user assistance package, not as good as the facility sensors guarding the stronghold of alleged-Vor Blaize, but the next best thing.
General Kerplocken and Reese Pieces looked through the design data and blueprints available to Reese's Devastator's computer and found a wealth of information. It was programmed to repair itself and protect its pilot. It had a Sure Seal Patch that would allow it to maneuver through deep space and the depths of oceans safely. It had armor durellium plates, a light blaster rifle, and a Sith Sword that shoots lightning made of pure evil that not only hurts but also drains the life of Jedi.
Hmm. Interesting tidbit.
- Mentat Reese Pieces
Cross-reference cards from other stacks:

Pirates and Privateers

With extra attention on Crimson Nova.
Don't look at me like that, Master. I'm not the first Jedi of our line to rattle Crimson Nova's adorable little egos!
They keep turning up.
They keep dismantling parts of our work in progress.
We are starting to see repeats of some other piratical groups, too:
Put a mental tacky dot on Bloodsmith Raiders for this segment, because they feature primarily in a different section of the casefile.
  Crimson Nova-related Facts cards

Cross-reference cards from other stacks:


Vance Kerplocken's Personal Roster

It's the ne'er-do-well rep.
He winds up leading a parade when he thought he would stroll down an empty street.
He winds up married with kids, when nobody would trust the Scourge of the Spaceways with a deranged parakeet much less children. And he never had the briefing on the local culture's mores, much less agreed to participate.
He goes to rescue a pal from a hive of scum and villainy. He finds out that he's been assassinated repeatedly in various locations. He meets additional assassins.
He gives some kindly career advice to a local. Billboards in city centers refer to him as "General".
Maybe it's something subliminal about the name "Kerplocken"?
  Vance-related Facts cards
Vance Kerplocken now has a "bond wife" named Zaye Grakkus Kerplocken.
She was married to a Noghri Death Commando who died in defense of Kerplocken. Ergo, according to Noghri custom, she is now married to the person her 1st husband died to save.
She has two children.
She cooks a great breakfast!
These Noghri Death Commandoes are now "Kerplocken's Brigade".
DT: I missed something here.
V: I think we dodged?
Some dudes swiped Danar Vorpadaran's custom swoop out of the Kylo's Star. This is going to go Very Badly for them when Vance Kerplocken catches up with them.
V: Update: It sure did!
The Slave Lords have got a kill order out on Jedi Knights VN Ysadora and So'Zen Al Saba and another one on Vance Kerplocken.
Mr. Fett is also interested in picking up Vance Kerplocken for a "deliver live" type of bounty.
Grakkus the Hutt is the father of Zaye
and therefore sudden father-in-law of Vance Kerplocken.
119. Danar Vorpadaran did not sign on for any of this.  
Part of Almon D'Joy's plan involves trapping Zaye and her children on Chalcedon when it gets invaded by Tor Ceti creatures. The point is to force Grakkus the Hutt into open hostility against the Freedworlds Republic.
A "burn notice" can not get activated, processed, and spread outside the Tapani Imperium within a matter of days.
The local-to-Chalcedon system noghri punch harder if yelling


while punching.
The Beskar Aran have been taking turns at dressing up as "General Kerplocken" for vids while the Kylo's Star has been out of system.
211. return to politics  
per "Reese"

The poison on the needler pistol was genetically targeted at a specific individual.

V: Which needler, again?
Lady Zaye shot guy who'd been sneaking up on Vance.
So'Zen frisked the deceased.
Turned up this.
Gave it to you, you gave it to Reese. -- H
V: Right, thanks.

Freedworld Republic's First Constitutional Convention

Well. We couldn't just pretend we didn't see people in need of some hope.
  Freedworlds-related Facts cards
  FwR Interim Client Report  
51. welcome to an ancient nexus of problems  
53. piecemeal politics  
54. start extremely local in politics  
55. Pirate Radio  
The Jolly Roger
63. CP Future Projects  
77. Velvet Glove Underground Fighting Pit  


majordomo for Derma the Hutt
in Port Etmar, Chalcedon


Derma the Hutt on Chalcedon

is the disenfranchised, exiled sibling of Rogga the Hutt
Derma the Hutt raises and cares for a specially-designed-greenhouse-full of orchids on his estate just outside Port Etmar, Chalcedon


to be next door to

the Needle Forest Bendu Temple, Chalcedon


is the reason why there's a green, glowy portal in low orbit around Chalcedon.

DT: We're going to have a serious talk with that lad.
V: When we find him.
V: And maybe several times beforehand too.
Captain Jerrod Quantas of Ragnar Syndicate requests help: an ore hauler is missing. It is long overdue at Chalcedon. It came from Monorik VI, a moon of Monorik. Captain Quantas needs someone to go search for the hauler, hopefully rescue, possibly salvage, definitely report findings.
Dave the juvenile Krayt dragon is here at Port Etmar instead of being at the Needle Forest Bendu Temple with "Babulya Belshanna" the Bendu priestess, where he was supposed to be resting while he awaited Galactic Star Empire Consort Yeager Lexics and his all-Adepta Sororitas team to take him to his Forever Home.
This is concerning.
DT: While Aerena Kolene, So'Zen Al Saba, and I
go to the moons of Monorik
in response to Captain Quantas' request,
Vanya, Vance, and Zaye
will go check Dave's back trail.
per Derma
Clan Bareesh fell on hard times despite being members of the Hutt Council a.k.a. the Cartel a.k.a. the Kajidic.
In order to not get "culled" for being weak, they lost most of their Great Hutt Clan status. They are trying to return to their former standing, so they are doing it by being renowned weapons dealers and mercenaries. The only clan that does greater is the Hardshells, who would not be caught on Chalcedon for anything.
per Derma
Bareesh Kajidic have been hiring out personnel in exchange for the occasional favor. Unlike some clans, Bareesh is more open with their favors, and more malleable, as a way to allow themselves advantages and business opportunities.
They are fair dealers for a Hutt clan but once someone stops playing fair, so do they.
They take their weapons dealing very seriously; they took attacks by other Hutt clans personally.
There have been rumors of infighting between the clans because of the attacks, but there is no open evidence. Apparently this is a feature of Hutt culture.
per Derma
If Clan Bareesh has any stock in this missing ship, especially an individual named Bareesh Torill (sp?), then they will be a natural ally to the efforts of Aerena and So'Zen to find out what happened to it.
per Derma
Derma finds it interesting that Bareesh would be into the mining, since a lot of the local ore is used for weapons manufacture.
So you could be looking at another Hutt clan that might be looking to undercut Bareesh. Derma is going to look into who particularly might be trying that stunt. He will update me or Aerena.
The Needle Forest Bendu Temple was attacked by Bloodsmith Raiders. The Galactic Star Empire Consort's SSD put a stop to that, capturing many of the Raiders, but not before Mistress Belshanna was taken away.
Port Greymouth

on black desert moon Monorik VI
is a durasteel mining colony.

Dack Dontin is the Mine Administrator of Port Greymouth.
Quanor Al Fayed is the Ragnar Syndicate 2nd in Command at Port Nevermore.
As previously noted: Port Tanin was built up at the height of some mountains.
As it turns out, Undercity is a particularly dark Shadow Port in a large cavern under that same mountain juncture.
The beetles on Monorik VI absorb energy, eat mexalite, and possibly poop durasteel -- somebody else (not me) should investigate that last possibility.
All of the other mining colonies around Monorik put up distress calls.
Some of them are now Ominously Silent.
DT: Update: They were being raided by
Bloodsmith Raiders
and Nightsisters
and I think Reavers,
seriously, who is coordinating this thing?
But we got it stopped.
So'Zen Al Saba was guided by the Force on an intra-system hyperspace hop to Ondor, the inner gas giant in this system. He found a giant, gravity-well-generating ship called the Acheron.
Actually, I think he found an entire battle group.
The Slave Lords have got a kidnap order out on Nalerine Kanter.
V: Hee!
I sent all the non-slaveowners of Undercity to sign new contracts with Derma the Hutt in Port Etmar.
It made sense at the time.


volunteer militia of freedmen serving the interests of the Freedworlds Republic throughout Chalcedon system under direct command of General Vance Kerplocken in service to Chancellor Nalerine Kanter.

Fun fact:
The giant moss-rat on one of the moons of Ondor has a prehensile tail. It likes to use that to constrict breathing passages on people.
Former Darth Errol Vondromas has returned from Nar Shaddaa, dropped off by Boba Fett. Vondromas saw us off with a smidgen of information about Vanya's current situation, and his gleeful intention to Be The Hero of Chalcedon.
I'm sure that will go very well.
So'Zen Al Saba and Captain Aerena Kolene say they have a lead on a more direct route from Chalcedon system to Y'Toub System. Should get us there in about six standard days! Maybe less!
211. return to politics  
Lady Asajj Ventress is here.
Lady Ventress now has direct custody of her property, to wit, one Jedi-Holocron-looking blue white jobby that was reciting the Mandalorian Creed over and over, and has spent the past week in a sack being touched by none of us.
per Chancellor Nalerine Kanter
Regional warlord Erenn Baize
needs some diplomatic handling. She's electing the lot of us.
His crew swiped not just the water in a tanker truck convoy, but in fact the entire tanker in question. That's over a line of what the new government can ignore or put off.
He calls himself "Vorbaize".
She wants him actively cooperating with her government instead of making more trouble. We're to get him to knock off the theft AND get on the statesmanship plan.
per Chancellor Nalerine Kanter
The Ambassador from Tapani Imperium is arriving within days.
V: Great! No worries. I hear it's likely to be
Countess Captain Vorkosigan.
She's a terror unto herself but she gets things solved.
will be arriving. Here. Within weeks.
V: I thought he was sending an Ambassador!
Can we get off this system before that mess happens?
Emperor's going to do what the boy's going to do. -- D
Thanks to my informative hallway chat with Lord Baize, we comprehend that he has "lost origin story" problems from having a Vor progenitor and a non-Vor mother. Our ensemble has spent some time intensely discussing whether his exile to this planet can be solved via the religious route, i.e., convert to the Church of the Force and pack up and move to the Tapani Sector and maybe get House VorCadriaan or House Vormelantha to declare him a rediscovered heir; or, petition a senior clerk in the Order of Solicitors to investigate the legal route, dig up the grounds laid by the Bene Gesserit for this exile and then rip those grounds to legal shreds.
But none of that actually tells him who his father was.
This is not a Problems card because I already have a solution!
Let's go "borrow" a copy of the Landsraad genetic database from the Bene Gesserit!
DT: Update! So'Zen wisely suggested that we could get the db
from the Adepta bodyguards for the Imperial Consort.
DT: Vanya, I need the name of a Sister over there who'd give us the fastest solution.
V: Update: My address book shows
Canoness Commander Agnuya Ogerine in lead.
She's about to owe me a favor.
per So'Zen and Erenn Baize
Stiydear Estate was at one point in its past a B'omarr Monastery.
Which means it absolutely will have catacombs.
And so it does.
Baize says he cleaned out what he could and bricked shut the rest.
per Ghas Vandt
The Tilles raid at the forefront of the thundersand hurricane was a decoy. It was intended to keep clan Baize from noticing an ongoing Tilles raid on some moisture farmers, just north and just south of the Kessora Mountains.
Vandt's team was essentially sent to fail. The storm was a lot stronger than they expected, but really they did not expect to get anywhere.
Whatever the raid was, Tilles will not have made it back to stash their acquisitions.
per Honloo Dust Ocean obelisk
Millenia ago, there was a city down there. Under the absolute death condition called a "dust ocean".
Somebody's gonna want to go.
per Rico
The Chausid Station Plan:
1) Cut off all communications.
V: Check!
Someone did that for us!
2) Sneak into Chausid.
V: Check!
More or less!
At least, until the combat after the Baked Beans Explosion.
3) Find the Lead Problem.
V: Check!
So'Zen Al Saba sure did!
4) Capture the Lead Problem.
V: Check!
So'Zen and Gruk Equitch are bonding over drinks
in the Moldy Metal Cantina.
per Reese
Chausid Station incoming communication signals were already jammed before Reese went to jam them.
Reese thinks the code base for the jamming signal is "old Mentat".
Ombresezi published his Wandering Sequence equation about 200 standard years ago.
That'd put this math in the last century of the Federal Era -- which means, if this equation has not been revised or reworked somehow, it must be very solid math. I dunno what the connotations or implications would be of this specific basis. Is it a convenient choice for this kind of jamming software? Is it a message within a message? Sure, I would have to ask a trained intellect to explain it to me. But would that trained intellect have to be an advanced mathematician, or is this equation part of the education for any modern comms specialist?
per Reese, Vance, and BoSS
Chausid Station has a resident Mentat very integral to local society. He appears in most holo stills of social events in the past 5+ years.
per So'Zen al Saba
I chatted with some people at that pirate base in the Needle Forest. We rescued them from that cave. Among them was a bounty hunter, a Devaronian master of Zama-Shiwo. He kindly informed me of Gomen Dos.
Mr. Dos is a Duros person who is supposedly on the Freedworlds Republic council in Port Etmar, here on Chalcedon. My informant warns me that Mr. Dos is giving help and info to the Bad guys supposedly.
I passed this information along to Vanya's buddy the former Sith Lord. He in turn said he was on it. He said he would find out things about him or from him … in a very evil tone sort of way.
Update: Gomen Dos may be head of the Chalcedon Trade Guild.
Via Hicks, I have unilaterally assigned Lord Erenn Vorbaize to lead the Freedworlds Republic Task Force (that he's going to have to assemble, and quick!) which will conduct and complete negotiations to bring the Chalcedonian B'omarr Order onboard as a component subgroup of the Freedworlds Republic.
Do I have the authority to do that?
Is anybody who does possess such authority going to decide to override me, thus either rejecting the spidery terror under the sands while they still lack a healthy consent policy ... or else adding this chore to their own plate?
Also no.
per General Vance Kerplocken of Freedworlds Republic
  • retired prize fighter
  • proprietor, Wet Wookiee Inn, Chausid Station
  • makes fantastic Trisimmon Muffins
  • haunts the reputation-seeking dreams of Gruk Eqitch
V: Favorably disposed to retired pirate Relentless Kolene, though.
Killian Pirate Clan
Chausid Station chapter
  • Gruk Eqitch, senior level leader. Trandoshan, male. Known for brutal action.
  • Annikale Bearsat, middle level leader. Human, female. More known for pilot-related raids. Ambitious to climb the authority ladder.
Killian Clan hates the Void Wolves pirate gang who are based in Chausid Station and serve as its civil defense force.
per General Vance Kerplocken of Freedworlds Republic
Void Wolves
  • Comparatively small and therefore specialized pirate gang, specializing in the mining industry
  • Operate out of Chausid Station
  • Do not commit theft within a certain proximity to their home town, which they serve as civic defense and municipal peacekeepers. Any Mining Guild members or convoys that get themselves within that limit will be protected by Void Wolves wearing the insignia of Chausid Station Sheriff and Deputies.
  • Led by Toth T'vondt.
  • Have a "shoot on sight" mutual agreement with Killian Pirate Clan
per General Vance Kerplocken of Freedworlds Republic
Moldy Metal Cantina
in the heart of Chausid Station  
  • Charisa Rhi. Hunitar, female. Proprietor of Moldy Metal Cantina.
  • Rokay Elroad. Human, male. Mentat. Possibly a member of Reese Pieces' fraternity and graduating class. Formerly contracted to Anatoly Vorbanovich, who gave remainder of contract to Charisa as a gift in gratitude for helping recover a stolen shipment.
Chausid Dock and Dredge Repair Shop
fortified epicenter of the Killian Pirate Clan occupation in Chausid Station  
Update: Cleared. 12731:05:30 T, 14:40 - R
Jombai Repair and Salvage
on the southwest section of Chausid Station  
  • proprietor: Genkin Jombai
  • broadcast a Freedworlds Republic distress signal
  • on investigation by Rico and Goss, turned up to be half the Freedworlds Trooper squad we came to recover.
Chausid Council Center
one of two comm arrays in town, located here on the roof   site of Fully Armed and Operational Baked Beans  
Seriously… why was no one asking ‘why is a droid carrying a can of baked beans on a rescue mission? Any mission?’ - H


Oh Crom! It's our Imperial Lord and Master!

Frankly, Masters, I expect this to be something your benevolent insight will explain to me.
  Emperor-related Facts cards

Captain Ivan Vorpatril, Vortastic Damoiseau In Distress Ivan Vorpatril, Damoiseau In Distress

I promised!
I gave my name's word!
Davish is going to handle this part of the case report. I'm going to sit here and read back issues of a law journal, and I am not going to pay any attention.
  Vorpatril-related Facts cards

Almon D'Joy keeps lying, yet people keep buying his jehaat

No, this really bugs me.
Look at this pile of evidence.
Previously successful career accomplishers, yet they believed line after line.
Is there such a thing as a Mentat Beer Trick? I know math can give them superpowers, but c'mon!
  Tleilaxu-related Facts cards

Vishan Pel

Update to prior information: Vance Kerplocken has located Mistress Belshanna in company of two Ragnar Syndicate protectors. VK is working on relocating them to secure location.
Complication: that Vishan Pel walking emoji is interested in keeping Mistress Belshanna in difficulty.
Boba Fett is here.
DT: Oh good?
Mr. Fett is here to collect a (live) bounty on me. Grakkus the Hutt wants to have an in-person Strong Talk about something. Guess I'm going to Nar Somethingga.
Mr. Fett is also interested in picking up Vance Kerplocken for a "deliver live" type of bounty.
Grakkus the Hutt is the father of Zaye
and therefore sudden father-in-law of Vance Kerplocken.
Vishan Pel is working very danged hard to write his name in my Little Black Book of Ass-Whuppin's and earn a couple of stars.
He murdered the Eborrean that I had just persuaded around to a non-people-eating diet.
He held up unpleasantly long to a fight versus Vance Kerplocken, Errol Vondromas, Zaye, and myself.
He and his partner Thira did not fare so well in a fight versus Errol Vondromas, me, and Boba Fett!
My right hand, wrist, and forearm are broken.
V: Boba'ika says he's got
some bacta spray and a decent painkiller
aboard Slave One
and he'll fix me up once we can get aboard.
Who is this Piotr Sparaval now sticking an expensive oar into the existing morass?
According to the research I did with Lt. Hicks and Ranger Jouric, Almon D'Joy is up to his old tricks. I think he might be after the Kwi Map from Chalcedon.
DT: In the words of Razak's Roughnecks:
"His plan has a minor flaw!"
Just how many of Piotr Sparaval are there?!
Part of Almon D'Joy's plan involves trapping Zaye and her children on Chalcedon when it gets invaded by Tor Ceti creatures. The point is to force Grakkus the Hutt into open hostility against the Freedworlds Republic.
Fallen Mentat Almon D'Joy told Bonejackers that he worried about "some Nautolan kid" talking about what the kid saw aboard a cruise liner. The child's story might lead people into looking at who sponsored the effort to send the Tor Cetians to Thyferra for study:

some guy named Vorpadaran

Having Genog the Zabrak, Champion of the Arena penned up in Faultline puts the Gamesman in a bind. It fouls up deals and matches. It opens the Gamesman to blackmail/pressure to put "Blue" into the Arena as often as possible.
Another blackmail option: force the Gamesman to smuggle Tor Cetian creatures to Chalcedon aboard ships which are already serving a favor for Grakkus the Hutt ... without informing Grakkus of additional cargo.
Dear entire Meldari Council:
Please soon figure out for yourselves that Almon D'Joy is NOT your buddy.
I know you are not going to believe it if I explain it with documented evidence and a sock-puppet-based presentation.
But come on!
If you think you have captured/killed/contained/seduced Piotr Sparaval, you are incorrect.
  • It's a clone.
  • Another Piotr Sparaval will be along shortly to murder the Piotr Sparaval in front of you.
V: I hate this planet.
It ruins Almon D'Joy's whole script if you interrupt his pontification to repeat "NOBODY IS INTERESTED IN YOUR EGO" as if you are a four-year-old.
Not the ideal solution.
I'll be peeling some veggies for that one.
But by Crom, he does get flustered!
When "Almon D'Joy" identified himself while actually being Drugged Ivan Vorpatril In A Puppet Rig, enough of the act was off to allow a highly perceptive investigator to recognize These Are Lies. However. No opportunity to make with the Shillelagh of Righteousness presented itself before Aldwin attempted to assassinate Joy in the middle of an art robbery.
V: I admit to an 80+% chance
that is NOT the correct name for The Stick.
DT: Keep it! It's better than whatever they use anyhow!
Almon D'Joy is using the Gamesman's fleet of smaller hyperspace-capable vehicles to lay beacons from a place in wild space on a direct path to Nar Shaddaa.

If you think you have {trapped/gotten your manipulator digits upon the corpus of} this Fuzzy Eyebrowed jerk, you are wrong.
  • It might be a drugged, hypnotized victim wearing a puppeteering rig.
  • Joy knows Mentat Fu. Did he hit several pressure points appropriate for your species?
  • Stun him and strip him naked and rinse him off. Then check again.
  • Have medical device confirm NO chocolate allergy. Then get him hopped up on fudge. Everyone knows that chocolate+sugar Does Things to Mentat calculations. Basically they get drunk, and then they nap.
Former Sith Sorcerer Errol Vondromas left behind some notes and goods which are being (mis)used by Mentat Almon D'Joy for this past year.
191. orangeliar  
The kyber crystal that was inside the spider bot, after disconnect,
A) turned RED
B) played a taunt from Almon D'Joy
C) Triggered a complete power shutdown on the entire Kylo's Star
per "Reese"

Joy might be after info in an old library.

DT: This lines up with what we currently have as fact flimsicard 141.
V: Nice to have multiple sources converge on the same datum.
DT: Still got that minor flaw, too!
per Reese
The Tleilaxian likes knowledge, order, and control.
Which is why he is theoretically working to synthesize a mechanical connection to The Force.
V: Somebody has had a psychotic break. Pretty sure not me.
per Reese
Evil Fuzzy Eyebrows is trying to get his mitts on "jewelry" that are cultural artifacts of other faiths.
He possibly plans to use this "jewelry" to build some hypothetical Rainbow Evil Science machine using some plans that, as far as I understand it, he translated off the back of a fossilized cereal box.
V: I think this is supposed to mean that D'Joy is making a memory crystal grab?
per "Reese"

assassin group called "the Twelve"

DT: Suppose some of them were on that holorecording we saw?
Based on some of this afternoon's events exposing certain small facts --
  • Mentat MathSpace is, or can become, the World Beyond Worlds.
  • The World Beyond Worlds does not let champions of the Dark Side of the Force in, because they would recursive themselves.
  • I can easily construct a hypothesis that this is what D'Joy is working his way toward, at least as one fork of his plan, in order to mulligan a decision point in his own past. None of our currently confirmed observations are incompatible with this hypothesis. Nothing even takes some squinting or trimming in order to fit.
  • Guardian Krath told So'Zen al Saba that he traded information with D'Joy, giving a memory of information that D'Joy wanted while taking away the memory that D'Joy could not bear to carry with him of a specific male figure.
I now think Almon d'Joy is trying to save his own destiny. Either himself directly, or a past work of his. I think he has concluded that he can redo his past and Save The Day if he arranges certain extraphysical conditions, which include (in his understanding) having perfect control of the concentration, makeup, and flow of the Force at a specific time in specific location.
The fact that he has to corrupt so much life, so much energy, is apparently not hint enough to him that he has serious flaws in his theorem.
I think he has latched onto the wrong hope. And he's making sure no one can mitigate it, instead of revising himself.
If my latest notion about Almon d'Joy is correct, we can presume that D'Joy is after Master Artak's journal because D'Joy has reached a specific conclusion about Master Artak versus the Tenocron Codex.
D'Joy might believe that Master Artak either locked the most important parts of the Codex in the World Beyond Worlds (no way!), or else used the World Beyond Worlds to disassemble the Codex from itself so that it can no longer exist as a whole no matter how it tries to manipulate hosts into bringing the pages together.
Even if I'm guessing right about a Mentat's thinking, that does not mean Almon d'Joy is so much as "in the correct legislative jurisdiction" here, much less "on target".

Malware Arms Race

I maintain my opposition to the eternal one-upmanship struggle of device security suites versus the ingenuity of outlaw techs.
The Bloodsmith Raiders were, first and foremost, infuriated outlaw techs on a mission.
  Slicer-related Facts cards

Miscellaneous Contacts List

Some of these are references for our receipt ledger.
Most of these are people worth our following up later. Or maybe entire organizations.
  Contact List-related Facts cards
33. overlapping guild and religious order  
35. contact info in XCPD  
36. witness in intensive care  
39. contact info in XC bacta factory  
40. the renter of the XC factory  
41. religious doctrine of SI  
42. it's a militant theocracy  
43. Frowny face, SpartImp edition  
48. contact info in XCMM  
49. contact info for XC freelance security  
50. contact info for RSS Razorback  
chief staff of The WAVE
per Gelvin, The WAVE
Dr. Bengala, a Devaronian staff member at Port Nevermore Hospital, is a point of contact in the local money laundering chain.
Illiana Turosin is in employ of Ferrin the Collector because she is
"not like OTHER women."
:eye roll:
per Ferrin the Collector


the allegedly immortal Emperor of the Unknown Regions
  • is alleged to be enemy of Ferrin and of us.
  • supposedly out to :yawn: rule-the-Galaxy whatever blah blah
V: Check with So'Zen and Danar
if we need more of this yarn.
They were probably listening.
A basic model of

Corellian Armed Merchant Cruiser

has a crew of 95 plus
  • 20 gunners
  • 50 troops
  • 2 TIE Fighters
Your typical encounter with an actual Corellian cruiser will have modifications and enhancements.

Caressa Drakon

Dark Sider woman fully dressed in (of course) black armor. Especially peeved at Obi-Wan Kenobi.
V: Update: Sent off to Sith Temple at Yavin IV.
V: Update 2: Word is out that she is smuggling Reavers
after having broken a deal.
She will find no friendly ports.
Some janeass -- in black armor, being dramatic in her tantrum, right over there! -- installed cyberware into a juvenile Krayt dragon and dragged him away from desert biome to jungle/rainforest.
V: Update: His name is now Dave.
DT: Update 2: Consort Yeager took custody
to get Dave rehabbed and recovered.
Granny Goodness says you've got to be punished!
- Medusa in the lead X-Wing starfighter of the assault,
just before all of the Medusas open fire
125. Felnir Jax: bounty hunter, one of the youngest full-fledged members of Ragnar Syndicate in Port Nevermore on Chalcedon  
My partner decided to humor Boba Fett in "collecting a live bounty" on her. If asked, I am sure she will explain it as "heck no, I'm not fighting BOBA FETT if I don't have to!" I am even more sure that the truth is, she decided that if she humors him on this, she gets a chance to realign his life path a little.
She's a really nice person! Who uses manipulation tactics on people. For their own good.
Only one of the many reasons that I think she's a delight.
Anyway, this bounty appears to be on Nar Shaddaa, settled moon of Nal Hutta, in the Y'Toub System of Hutt Space.
As soon as things here in Chalcedon system are stable enough for us to step away, we're going to Nar Shaddaa. From a certain point of view, this is a diversion from our active case -- but I would not bet on that!
Vanya seems to think she can fix this place while she's there anyway. I know Vanya. She'll give it a good damn try. In the end, she'll break a good bit of Nar Shaddaa, but it might break her, too. It's that last part I want to avoid. A lot of people would prefer she stay in one piece. I'm at the top of that list.
Gilberto Bartlebee, Intern Reporter

lists his association with Hypermedia Galactic News Service.

Some bounty hunter team called "Overwatch" is giving us a real Corellian Sector Greeting, and that goes triple for Aerena. Some kind of history between Relentless and Inip'velo?
  • Inip Velo is the humanized version of the Twi'lek name Inip'velo
  • Chruchin is probably the Team Tank
  • IG-79 would therefore be Team DPS
  • Sal Grenig a.k.a. "Mercy" rounds out the foursome as Team Defender
Prandar Tobnut, a Bloodsmith Raider, bombed the Triple Nebula Hotel to kill Gilberto Bartlebee.
Nassha Tomesta killed Prandar Tobnut.
Piotr Sparaval hired Prandar Tobnut and Nassha Tomesta.
Aldwin Vadril

International Fine Liquor Importer

Charon (a droid maker) was happy to rent us a pack of five mapping droids for our expedition to Faultline.
The Bonejackers Swoop Gang were the people (employed by Piotr Sparaval, we are pretty sure) who kidnapped Genog Druqod to "clear the way for Ysadora".
The Bonejackers include specialist members known as "Shivers".
V: Because they're cold and creepy?
DT: No. Because they like to use shivs!
Gilded Thorn
  • Vance Thorp ( Male, human pilot and captain )
  • Mizar Jimdis (Male Duros co-pilot and first mate )
  • Kallie Upton ( Female human mechanic/engineer/gunner when needed )
  • Fahna Lel ( female Duros gunner, weapons expert, medic )

Bonejackers Swoop Gang
Faultline Set

  • Ranik Nuwest, leader
  • Jasharea Geausau, gearmonger
  • Bixby Creel, burner
  • two Shivers
  • assorted general membership
Darth Tyranis spent some time in Hutt Space going through old Sith Sorcerer notes from a couple thousand years ago, and adding onto same.

Grand Brute

Mobquet Medium Cargo Hauler
Mining Guild ore hauler
  • Gel Ben (Male Duros captain)
  • Gaalo Dhishe (Male human engineer)
197. got ship  

Kintan Pilgrim

Ghtroc Industries 720 Light Freighter
  • Jessik Morin (Male Devaronian captain and owner)
  • Kzoumi Taigrai (Female Wroonian co-pilot and engineer)
  • Dash Zang (Male human assistant engineer)
  • Jid Kiru (Male human gunner, mercenary, Nente's longtime friend and business partner)
  • Nente Vudo (Female human gunner, mercenary, Jid's longtime friend and business partner)
Possible: Padawan Mez'zazo graduated while I was busy elsewhere.
Wings-and-Eyes ghostie might be the ancient Dark Sider who was sleeping within Dotera.
DT: Oh, good.

Reese Pieces

in the employ of Emperor Gregor Vortapani
Chogu of Ponua Kajidic is the nephew of Grakkus the Hutt leader of Ponua Kajidic.
So'Zen Al Saba has agreed to do one service for Chogu of Ponua Kajidic in return for Ponua not killing us. This service cannot violate the Jedi Code.
Remember Sarge? He's a retainer (probably) for Chogu of Ponua Kajidic.
per So'Zen al Saba
Heth G'vanek
Master of
Really amazingly good with a broom. Or a mop.
DT: Also quite the fan of Wookiee Opera
Arthal Kale
  • mercenary
  • bounty hunter
  • says he has taken out Jedi before
  • small craft (starfighter, shuttle) pilot
  • So'Zen al Saba's new cordial acquaintance!

So'Zen gifted to Mr. Kale a Tilles Clan small fighter ship that happened to be lying around in this hangar.

Zam Ello
  • Terrified of an ex- Crimson Dawn enforcer he calls "Voodoo".
  • Will Convert to CotF if becoming a parishioner comes with a possible safety net.
  • Now in the employ of Mystic Mob Investigations.
V: I'm gonna assign him to flunky for Davish.
DT: Thanks?

Personal Notes

These are not currently case-related in our determination. They will not be included in the case report to the Client(s).
No need to distract their attention away from the pertinent stuff!
  Personal stuff Facts cards
Some kind of advertisement playing for an arena match coming up aboard the Kotera. We are a little busy to pay attention, but I heard something about "the Razor" and "Blue" scheduled to fight "Nagrox" and "Anom Kha of the Hunitar", right after the current match in progress.
Which is
"Tank" a.k.a. Hadru Ganen versus "The Mandalorian"
that latter is, uh, very definitely an Ape ....
Oh, dear.
DT: I think we need to confiscate
this Overwatch repulsor-car.
So'Zen is closest,
but when he gets it here,
I'm driving!
Oh, yup, that's my honey running across the arena!
We do dance together very well these days.
V: This is not case-relevant?
Makes me wonder how that was scripted to go.
V: Oh! Good point. Let's not ask D'Joy.
He might imagine that we care what he wants.
169. The Champion  
These brand new, factory-fresh, super shiny, ultra military, all-the-bells-and-brand-new-whistles cutting edge swoop bikes are clearly labeled as designed, funded, and manufactured for an Adepta Sororitas sept calling themselves the "Dark Brigade" or "Sisters of the Dark Rose".
They were stolen by the Bloodsmith Raiders.
We stole 'em from the B.S. Twerps.
V: I am sure the Sisters will not mind at all.
Fifteen Reavers at once in an open intersection is in the general neighborhood of "pushing my luck".
180. prevaricate to a Solicitor in person  
This is not at all a fun vacation for a senior member of the Order of Solicitors.
The autochef on a Bureau of Ships and Services official shuttle has a wide array of nutritious and comforting meal options from many galactic cultures programmed into it.
Basic meals, that is.
You can get a protein disc sandwiched between two doughnuts.
You can't get a proper Monte Vorcristo.
Never think while you're eating! -- H
V: Good man.
When we get all the delayed-by-signal-jammers Interim Case Reports to deliver themselves across the HoloNet, we are going to hear the verbalized exclamation points clear across space.
DT: I'll make the popcorn!
Hon: I'm going to need a couple of quick lessons on "Important Phrases that I best recognize if shouted in Mandalorian".
V: No problem!
I know "yes", "no", "whups-sorry",
"seriously I am very sorry",
"hey how's it going?",
"armor", "helmet", "boots",
a few terms for "droid",
and a whole bunch of cuss words regarding jetiise
Fun fact!
Danar Vorpadaran owns a camera droid manufactured and sold by Faratel Tech in Tapani Sector.
Further fun fact: He's telling the company's technical support that VN Ysadora, Licensed Private Investigator, now owns the droid and wants a factory reset. Or software update. Or something.
DT: You're getting the hang of it!
V: It's so much fun when YOU do it.
And everything will be just fine, I found the stash of minty bandages in a smuggler compartment. The bad guys will be needing them.
V: Well, we wouldn't want them to bleed all over everything.
DT: I know, right? How would Danar ever get those stains out?
Count Vorpadaran has announced that his son Danar IS getting married.
V: I feel confident that this is news to Danar.
per assorted Fremen
The idea of using a doorknocker mortar to not only smash open a Bloodsmith Raiders sandwalker tank but also in the process summon natives was a nifty tactic originated by Corporal Goss.
Who, at the time of reporting, was involved in a bandit raid cleanup north of Port Etmar.
We're gonna have words.
Hyper-oxygenated life support goo tastes like nasty lime!
  test 35


This is a collection of heavily-worn small plastic flimsies, each labeled in the upper right corner "Facts", originally written between 22 Welona 12730 and 4 Melona 12731. It closely references events going back more than those nearly eight months -- the Crimson Knights vanished in the last quarter of 12730. These basic notes have been scribbled down and frequently reshuffled by Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam with many helpful additional notes from traveling companions.
When time and resources permit, the entire stack gets entered into the shared inventory of Mystic Mob Investigations with some edits on sensitive details, so that it can be organized into a future report to the client.

Document Structure

Publication Status

This stack of flimsiplast segments is private, but easily accessible by anyone determined to get a peek. Its only confidentiality is that it is a physical record instead of a digital one, kept in a memo pocket for one of two individuals, and will eventually be wiped clean for reuse once it is no longer relevant.

Historical Details


On 22 Welona 12730, MMI met with a valued client regarding a shipment of artifacts that required special escort on its way back to client's facility.
We got attacked. The job went wrong.
At the initial briefing, we began to compile a list of the facts known which might (or might not!) have some significance in the case. By 15 Elona, we realized that we needed to go back through our notes and research several side issues, because this whole case had proven intricate beyond our and clients' expectations.
We might have been on Thyferra by the time we decided this list should probably get split into separate stacks with each of us carrying part, and we should regularly check the whole in with Mildred_Krebs in case one or both of us winds up dead.
Latest resort + renumber process on 3 Melona 12731.
Latest update hastily scribbled during post-lunch hours of 4 Melona 12731. More expected by close of date.


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