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TC447 ARC Corporal

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 5.0 "Lost and Found" or in the 5.5 'between adventures' area, depending on one's point of view; this character heavily borrowed from Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles by Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline, Pat Allee, and Richard Raynis

Corporal Doc Vorysadora

VNY's notes:

Member of the ARCtrooper unit known as Razak's Roughnecks, self-referenced as "Apes", Doc is the combat medic of the lot. But what he really likes is mycology.
Why fungus?
Doc does not understand people who know the first thing about science yet do not think the fungus-ish thingies of the galaxy are the NIFTIEST LIFE FORM EVER.
He says they are more like animals than they are like most plant life.
Then he says a whole lot more stuff that certainly sounds really cool! But by the time I walk away, I understand maybe one word in fifty.
Needless to say, when Doc orders the takeout, assume that some sort of fungus topping will be a factor.
- database entry updated Katunda
27 Helona

Physical Description

Special abilities

Doc's intended specialization was always to be a pilot of mechanized heavy armor -- what Yeager Lexics and Angus Priest occasionally called a "mecha". He is competent and professional at that skillset, of course, but he started picking up advanced field medic training as soon as he got the option. From there he branched out into general biology studies whenever the non-military people around him could slip him a manual or a course loaded onto a data crystal. His current education level is eclectic, but I have never once heard anyone ask him to qualify for a formal degree, and that goes for all the "properly trained" medical doctors I have ever overheard in consultation with Doc.


Contacts & Relations

Doc gets on particularly well with Dr. Simon Tam, who shares his love of what in the name of the Force is that?!
The Beskar Aran have close, private, strong ties to Gregor Vortapani and Katianna Vortapani, which they are extremely careful to keep circumspect. Only an ego-driven idiot would suppose that this loyalty travels in a single direction. The higher-ranked the member of the organization, the closer is the tie to the Imperial Family.
Anyone who knows what a "chaplain" is, knows that Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Knight Errant Davish Tam will answer a call for support from any Beskar Arran. Anyone who knows the little phrase "the clone's Jedi" would also know that "Vanya Ysadora will pause almost any other work to appear out of the empty space if one of the Roughnecks asked."

Family Ties

Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
12698 33 Years old
curly brownish-black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark tan
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