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for siblings, cousins, comrades, and citizens:


You know what never suffers "severe stun", much less "incapacitation"?




I never have to apply emergency medical care to a mushroom.


I never have to instruct a fungus on how to recognize and treat medical conditions in others, either!



A person who has been incapacitated may have gotten there from deliberate attack, from incidental trauma or environmental hazard, from prior medical condition or from some kind of "mystic mob" woo. The important thing here is that we are treating a patient experiencing some serious disruption to their processor, if you know what I'm saying.


The patient almost certainly spent at least a few seconds unconscious, even if they react consciously to stimuli by the time first aid is available.



An incapacitated sentient is usually unconscious or nonresponsive. Vital signs will be present, but may show significant variation from stable rates of metabolic process.


If patient is conscious and responds to stimuli, but displays lack of comprehension in areas of established expertise or takes unusually long amounts of time to respond, default to "incapacitated" for this patient as well, but check for energy levels in synaptic region as well as doing a tox screen.

If patient is a Jedi:
  1. Does patient have typical meditation body posture and a neutral to pleasant vague expression? Patient is incapacitated but it may be due to mystic woo stuff. Scan for urgent medical issues such as cranial contusions or blood loss, and treat those as if patient is in a rigid coma. Arrange close perimeter watch. Leave patient to their own devices for up to one hour.
  2. Ask patient to describe the time and content of their most recent caloric intake. 2a
  3. Ask patient to name their current location in both space and time. If either does not match reality, arrange for close perimeter watch but otherwise leave patient to their own devices for up to twenty actual minutes.
  4. If patient is from the teaching line of descent known to follow from Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, a useful diagnostic tool is to demand in an appropriately suspicious tone:
    Have you been doing any jare'la crap today?
    — first aid technician to certain specific clergy

In general, an incapacitated patient cannot use any of their skills. They cannot reliably self-apply a medpac. They are not capable of taking any action worth describing, including button-mashing.



The answer here is almost never going to involve smearing dirt on a body part followed by two reps of any anaerobic exercise. cc


Nor is this an appropriate use for a stimpac, regardless of what any Drop Marine suggests.


In the Field:


Stop the bleeding -- internal or external -- immobilize broken bones/exoskeletal plates, make certain the correct mix of gases is being intaken and exported at the correct locations, all the usual.


Once the patient is done getting themselves damaged, one medpac can be administered. No patient can safely have treatment from another medpac before a full standard day has passed since the prior application.


The medisensors built into the medpac have enough information about typical conditions for most kinds of people that might have citizenship in the Tapani Imperium to recommend effective immediate treatment for stabilizing a patient, possibly even improving their condition before transport. Expect to use up all of the irrigation bulbs contained within the medpac. Some medpacs will contain bacta (either in spray or in patch form) and synthflesh, others will only have kolto plus a double load of spray-bandages. All medpacs contain clamps, hypos, rigid structure stabilizers, and so on.


Even the shiniest of shinies is expected to have passed through at least one class on the use of a medpac to treat moderate to serious wounds!


Once the medpac has been applied, the patient needs to be transported to a dedicated health care environment at the earliest opportunity. gl


Aboard an Intrasystem Craft:


Get to shelter. Get to a medical clinic or hospital if possible. Go to a civilian emergency response center if necessary. Do not keep an incapacitated patient aboard a limited-travel vehicle for any time longer than absolutely necessary.


Aboard a Hyperspace Vehicle:


Barring the most dire, astoundingly not flight-worthy starship, the life support control system should include more thorough instruction for urgent care of a given passenger than a medpac can offer, to go along with at least one dusty old medkit. Place scanner/computer unit directly on patient, activate, follow its instructions. Plot a course for a friendly, civilized settlement in the shortest turmoil-free travel distance available.


Ships with decent crew capacities are likely to also have a GH-7 medical droid. Possibly it is stored in a cabinet when not active, but the best-case scenario is for its charging station to be in a proper medbay. Congratulations! You might not need to rush to the nearest medical clinic!



One of life's most common binaries: Either the patient will recover in time, or they will continue to deteriorate until deceased.


Let's aim for the former, shall we?


- database entry updated Katunda
12 Helona



Skill use:
Medpac difficulty:
Rejuve Tank Healing Time:
2d days
Natural Healing
Strength Roll
no change




As per the Certain Point of View clause: Your Jedi may not be lying to you -- but probably is not telling the truth. Do a quick bio scan, filtering for slow-digesting ingredients in the alleged "recent meal". Trace evidence is sufficient for a revised interpretation. Lack of trace evidence indicates that your Jedi has forgotten to fuel up.
Give the Jedi a dessert bar appropriate to their species, something densely packed with carbohydrates and electrolytes. Stand over them, holding their comms unit (or Vanya's datapad) out of their line of sight, to make sure they eat the entire thing. THEN proceed to further diagnosis!




Make sure you have your helmetcam recording!
But, yeah, by the time you're asking this, you already know the answer is going to be some variation of "yes". If it's a Skywalker, they might phrase their answer to suggest that nothing foolish happened, but you know better. If it's Kenobi, he's rather proud of his results so he will take no criticisms of his methods; get out the bacta spray and a multivitamin. And if it's Vanya, well, by now she already said "yup" and she is ready to collaborate on a critique.




Exceptions may apply to

Rub a little dirt on it and walk it off!




If your patient is mystic mob-adjacent, good luck. Might be easier to do while they're unconscious.
If your patient is Vanya, ner vod, you developed bigger problems while you were distracted by reading my notes!


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