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The Aildae are a warn-blooded reptilian species from the Delati System in the Outer Rim.   An ancient people, the Aildae can trace their roots back to the ancient Kwa that were nearly killed to extinction by the Eborreans and their allies over 100,000 years ago.

Basic Information


Aildae are a warm-blooded, omnivorous, reptilian species that stand two to three meters in height. Instead of scales, they are covered in a fine, downy covering of tiny feathers. This gives the Aildae exceptional ability to withstand temperature ranges the average reptile cannot.   They have a large tail that is used in balance for walking, running and jumping. While they can manipulate it with ample dexterity - as its part of how the species communicates - it isn't prehensile.   As for limbs, the Alidae are bipedal in motion with two powerful digitigrade legs with wide, four-toed feet. Their arms end in five-fingered hands, not unlike a humanoid's. The Aildae have retractable claws on both hands and feet.   They can speak Galactic Basic with no trouble but their vocal patterns have an undertone of a deep musical note to their pronunciation.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Aildae are omnivorous, able to subsist on animal and plant protein. With regards to animal protein, the Aildae best digest more lean proteins such as fish, rather than red, fatty meats.

Additional Information

Social Structure

All Aildae ethnicities have adopted the original Kwa social structure of the 'Kit'. This structure is similar in design to the Mandolorian 'Clan' concept.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Aildae are one of the few species in the galaxy that have developed the ability of telepathy. This isn't a manifestation of the Force, but a natural ability evolved out of centuries of survival against being hunted.   Aside from telepathy, the Aildae have an advanced sense of smell, allowing them to detect scents at a much finer depth and quality that most species. Unfortunately, this makes them more susceptible to toxic gas attacks, such as from tear gas.   Their vision, hearing, and other senses are approximately the same as a human or near-human.
200 years
Average Height
2 - 3 meters ( 6 to 9 feet )
Related Ethnicities


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