The Eonae are an Aildae ethnicity.


Common Etiquette rules

Among the Eonae Aildae, elders are held in high respect. So much so that people are expected to be respectful around their elders. Such as refraining from swearing or telling rude or offensive jokes.


The Eonae Alidae have a long-held belief of never leaving two windows open in the same room. As the Eonae Alidae architecture tends toward a beehive structure with several floors and an open center, 'room' is synonymous with 'level' in their architecture. The reasoning is tied to the Aildae's excessively strong sense of smell. When the wind passes through a level or a room, ancient Alidae believed it increased a person's ability to become sick.


Eonae Alidae family members, or members of the same 'kit', or even close friends visit each other's home regularly. As a result, caf or tea of a local brew is always offered to guests. The idea is that this facilitates discussion which is thought to help inspire ideas which are a part of the Eonae Alidae's love of knowledge.


If an Eonae Alidae invites someone over for dinner, the visitors are not expected to contribute to the meal. Though they are expected to bring a topic for discussion or debate.

Art & Architecture

The Eonae Alidae have a deep love of the natural world and natural beauty. This is reflected in their architecture. Most buildings are designed with an aesthetic resembling a beehive structure on the outside. Inside, there are multiple floors with a central open courtyard that stretches from foundation to roof. Sleeping quarters are found on the higher levels, while the kitchen and dining areas are on the ground floor.
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