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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a medical condition which is feared by some
A total of 749 entries

The Shard Bitten Cough

The rolling thunder

The Beyond is not going away


The most dangerous epidemic

The Khordai Plague

The Curse of the Lykun

Pre-flight Liquification, Original Presentation

MPOD/Shimmer, Alnea and Earth

Saat der Valerier

Spellbreaker Syndrome

Salor's Yellow Death

Aethereal Dysphoria

Linguistic Interjective Expletive Disorder

Intigration Rejection

Spiritual Separation Syndrome

Neonism / Vampirism

Nestoriel's Grasp

Electrokinesis Depletion

Shadowed - Prompt #2 Medical condition feared by some.

Dockworker's Disease

Prospector's Fever

Magical Hypersensory

Corrosive Necrodermatitis

Shadow Hallucinations

Magic Influenced Maladies

Dragon Bone Affliction

Disability - The Adventurer's Malady

Erosive thraven—disease

Glowfetchers Dreaming

Drain magic worms

Infectious Descalia

Avershed Overcharge

Demonic Scarring

The Curse of Misgrowth

Green Corruption

Resmedeis Paranoia

Folie des profondeurs

Feared Medical Condition

Magically Induced Dystrophy {WASC 2021}

The Bastard's Plague

The Splitting of Shadow

Acute Hemorrhagic Sicaremia

Plasmid "Reapers" Syndrome

Eldritch Ichor primer

The Harvest Plagues

Saint Onyanth's Dance

La Fièvre Arcanique

794.II, 7 Meoii: the Night Rage

Ptomaine poisoning

Diseases, Illnesses and Curses

The Heretic Virus

Oldennans Disease

Infernal Bloodkiss

Corrosive Dragon Blight

Hidden Moon Frenzy

Ledensen's Magiopathy

The Emissary's Mark

Paranormal Curses: Night Hosts & Underbeings

Sumpffieber/Hexenfieber - Sziget

Kestalanische Grippe

Temblor de navegante

Epidermal abrasion

Curse of Vampirism

Prismatic Dermeleonitis

The Eternal Wondering

Draconic Molten Skin

Post-Arcanum Exposure Sciozogora

Curse of the Plane Eater

Evermold Parasite Infection

Lycan's Disease / The Howling

Excessive Bio-energy

Blessing of the deep one

Super Soldier Vampirism

Self-inflicted curse

Reversed Word Mania

Arcane Scarification


Modelling Clay Embedding

Distal progressive necrosis

103 Habitual Affliction

Horamid Übersättigung

Op-Ed Vol 430 - The Refugee Condition prompt

Pestilent Manafication

Teleportation Sickness

Vampirism: Dusk Walker

Elemental Sickness

Chronic Healing Fatigue

The Stiffening, Stiffen death

The Odva'jan Curse

The Puckberry Bane

OPINION: "Horrific" Mutations Are America's New Coming Of Age Ceremonies

Prilantus - Colony Sickness

Interface Membrane Infection

Cellular Degeneration

Timor's Wilting Muscle Syndrome

Staggers and jags

Morbo Concupiscentiarum

Congenital deformity

Carcosa's Syndrome

Carotene Congestion Disease

Magical Melancholy

Regifted Syndrome

The silent Minds

Samaritan's Plague

The Irustipian Sickness

Nightflower Poisoning

Shock Compression Illness - The Space Bends

Prompt 2: The Spores

Condition: Vampirism

Spontaneous Immolation Disease

The Hollowing- Condition

Yokuch mi {Magische Imbalance}

The Mindworm/The Rot

Lady Castmire's Vengeance

Wasting Sickness

Willow-bark disease

Failed Phoenix Syndrom

Wandering Syndrome

Foromortem: The Burrowing Death

The Darkness of Vitale

Rot Grub Infection

Spé Glaú, The Never-Ending Hunger

The Plague of Scalding Dread

Prolonged Petrification

Metabiological Holistic Degradation

Abomination Sickness

La dégénérescence

Mana Overexposure Disorder

Factory Workers' Disease

Forest DracoInfection

Human Ursurping and Supressing Contagion

Facial Pattern Baldness

Saurian Degeneracy Syndrome

Bellicose Demeanor

Sovrani Metamorphosis

Sorcery Bloodline Deterioration

Bacterial Ki Blockage