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Though it be a non-fatal disease, the symptoms and effects of Sepreh are said to last one’s lifetime. With no knowledge of how the disease is contracted or passed on, no known cure nor immunity, Sepreh can be contracted by all races, hoardes, and monsters alike.   A disease known to infect its victims from their innards, out. Starting with an unusual warmness and inner heat produced as the disease spreads, feeding its way through its victims bloodways, organatalia, and cranias. Heating up it's victim one moment at a time until an overheat is reached and a fevermite is born. Feeding on its victim's bloodsels, excreting the distinctively colored pussdrops, then wrapping their offspring within those pussdrops is how fevermites ensure the hatching of their offspring, and the spread of their disease.   Once fevlings, (fevermite hatchlings), emerge from their mitesacs and pussdrops they immediately begin feeding on the victim's blood, just as their mofamite did and does. Feeding, growing, laying, hatching, and spreading, continuously repeating their simplistic lifecycle again and again until their invasion numbers reach the billions. Because the feeding and growth cycle of a fevermite lasts only hours, and the laying and hatching period also completes itself within a matter of hours, Sepreh is known to completely infect its victim within a matter of days.   Known to change the color of a halflings blood from the beautiful diamond-speckled turquoise shade it runs into the putrid mutlicolored green-white-yellow-brown puss the halfling will forever on produce; to change the impenetrably thick flesh of a Thigan into a paper thin, trasnparency, now only called skin by name. "Skin" riddled with pools of rot and decaying flesh, the disgusting odors emanating with every blister popped and every pooled boil exposed. A disgust aging creatures centuries beyond their years.

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