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Unjustified failure of cell reproduction and regeneration in humans from the Fifth World of Grista.
Every human adult from the Fifth world is considered immortal. Their healing process is exceptionally fast, sometimes instantaneous. They stop aging when they reach maturity, and until the person has lost the will to live or decided that it's time to move on.
While some diseases may take weeks or even months to be defeated by the immune system, physical symptoms are always mild and the recovering process never takes more than a day.

Desidia is different. It disrupts the healing process itself, and doesn't trigger any kind of response from the immune system. Without treatment, this condition is chronic and deadly.

Transmission & Vectors

Opinions on this topic are diverse and inconclusive.
  • The general belief in several regions from Hais and Elra is that the Desidia is highly contagious, inherited or both.
  • Studies conducted at the late Discovering age suggested that Desidia was transmitted between household members. The most reliable of those studies where those directed by Corsi, Tarlin, Zode and Buit. Zode determined it was viral, while Buit and Tarlin considered bacteria as the source. Corsi didn't collect enough data to come to a conclusion on that, but she was sure that it wasn't inherited. None of them managed to actually detect the microorganism or gen.
  • Posterior studies (Marcto on year 128 Co, and Moidia on 215 Co) discarded virus and bacteria as causes. Moidia supported the theory about it being inherited, but was unable to prove it.
  • Researchers from the Healers' Fort conducted a two decades long study in Marced. According to the report they released in 18/2/506, Desidia spreads trough strong psychological or emotional links, and only from patients showing depression, anxiety, paranoia or rage.


Confirmed Symptoms

  • Slow healing process
  • Senescence
Some patients can also show:
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety (unusual)
  • Paranoia (extremely rare cases)
Unconfirmed Symptoms
  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Rage


The only known cure was discovered around 709 Co. The research and development of the Lilac Serum was kept secret until its distribution in 711.
The serum may cause pain, or different kinds of temporary sensory loss (from an hour to a day). If those adverse effects occur, the doses should be spaced to lessen the impact on the patient life.
The recommended treatment is 14 doses in a week. It can be extended as necessary—up to a monthly dose for a couple of years.


Without treatment, the patient of Desidia will need medical attention in case of illness or wounds. Besides the inconveniences it implies, there is the risk of permanent death by accident or illness complications. Even if they are careful and lucky, they would die of old age in no more than seven decades—the equivalent of 90 years old.

If treated with Lilac Serum, the aging stops after the second dose for most patients, and healing normalize after the fourth. The change in other symptoms varies between cases but most would fully recover around the eight month. Some people (specially those who show paranoia or rage) may need more doses before getting the same results.
The chances of relapse disappear after 14 consecutive doses, except for those who took longer than eight doses to recover.
In case of Relapse, the treatment needs to be restarted but it works the same.


  • Senescence effects are irreversible, even after the aging has stopped.
  • Some scars may never disappear.


So far there is not proved methods to prevent the Desidia, but some are suggested in certaing regions or cultures.

Unproved Methods:
  • Stay away from those with the sickness
  • Prevent depression in relative of friends affected the sickness
  • Don't act childish
  • Grow Lilac Quives in your garden or keep one in your room
  • Stay safe and in good mood
Suggested methods that have been proved wrong:
  • Eat healthy
  • Don't play with children
Suggested methods that are dangerous for health:
  • Eat dried leaves of Lilac Quives once a week
Depression spreads the Desidia, you see?
And, trust me on this: depression only shows in those who are isolated, or, on the other hand, those who feel in imminent danger of getting injured or catch opportunistic diseases. Propagation of Desidia can be stopped, by preventing depression.
— Ivu, healer & Scientist from Marced

Cultural Reception

At first, people with Desidia were treated normally by most and overprotected by their loved ones.

Once it became epidemic, they were isolated. Some families still try to protect them, but the general recommendation was to avoid them. Some governments would exile, hospitalize or imprison them. Euthanasia was considered by some nations, but it was never applied.

On 505 Co, Marced citizens spread the theory that only depressed people was contagious. When the Healers' report supported that theory almost a year later, the patients would be showered with love and promises of healing in the same regions that used to imprison them before.

With the development of a cure, temporary care had become the most extended practice.


Chronic, Acquired

Affected Species
Human / Fifth World of Grista
Affected Groups
General population


Lilac Serum

Desidia is mentioned in records of every nation in the Fifth World, as a danger as old as local humanity.   There is no record of the illness spreading to other human races with enhanced regeneration qualities. That leads to think that it targets only this type of human, but it could be due to the Fifth World's relative isolation.
Fifth World of Grista

Status: Enlightened.

They don't have diplomatic relations with the other worlds and Foreigners are not exactly welcomed, but they comply with the Community Laws and they took advice from Dhha during the Fifth Planet invasion.
More information in the map description.

Fifth World of Grista
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Author's Notes

What can I say? This one was easy. I was happy to write about the condition itself without worrying about making it an info dump in the middle of a novel.

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