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Sentient rock

This construction material from the north mountain chain of Hais, was quite popular during the foundation of Hais, even when it was very expensive due to the difficult and dangerous process required to find, extract, prepare and distribute it.   While its durability and strength are evident, the main reason for this material's popularity was it's selective luminescence, once attributed to some sort of rational trait or magic in the rock itself. Later some producers claimed that the magic was theirs, but all that has been discarded by trustworthy academics both from the Fifth World and from The Community.   According to them, this material is not magical or rational, but sensitive to temperature and sound. That's why it only shines at night or indoors when people is being active around, but ignores the movement or the most quiet nocturnal predators and remains dormant under the sunlight or close to fire.   Currently, the extraction of sentient rock is forbidden due to the dangers it represents to the environment and the people involved in the process.


Author's Notes

I can't believe I didn't think of this the first time I read the prompts! I guess I had grow used to the glowing walls in the capital of Hais, even when it used to annoy me that I had never explained why they shine.

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