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Enlightened Worlds Community

After 1948 standard years of tourism, allegiances, invasions, trading and cultural exchange between worlds, the Discovery Age reached its end when a few Law Enforcers from Ogha managed to convince some idealist from the fifth planet, D'hale, the Ninth World and Green Sea to work together in the assembling of a universal diplomatic organization.
We don't make the rules or hold the truth. We just mediate to make sure that all worlds can coexist.
That means mediating between the Enlightened: remind them what draws them close and what limits they still need to respect.
And yes, it also means we have to shield the Unaware from external dangers like those that had destroyed civilizations in the past.
— Qeleb, raging against some poor newby
It took them almost a year to actually start with a small group of affiliates. The representatives and other people involved in the foundation of The Society of Enlightened Worlds were fully invested in the project, though. They designed the structure that still works for us and write down simple coexistence rules based on what worked for their own cultures.

A team formed by historians from the Ninth World, Ogha and Green Sea, defined the Eras that are currently accepted by most enlightened worlds. According to that standard, the Community Age starts the year in which they started to form plans for an organization, but it took a few years to have the full collaboration of enough countries and worlds to materialize the original dream.   To this day, the Universal peace and collaboration is still a work in progress.

Several worlds support The Community, while a few follow the rules but keep distance. In others, each civilization has a different opinion and connection with their neighbors and the organization itself. Even in the Eight world, which inhabitants are constantly challenging the Community Laws, exists an Affiliate settlement

Legislative Body

Each involved culture has their own method to choose one representative individual or team.

Judicial Body

Law scholars' apprentices usually prove themselves by solving several disputes.

Executive Body

Peacekeepers are negotiators first, protectors in second place and just in the worst cases they may need to interpret or enforce the law.


Several Affiliates—both worlds and countries—provide buildings and lands to be used by The Society. Some of those installations are currently owned by the Community, other are lent for and undetermined time. The purposes include: production of food and materials, help for affiliates in need, conservation of species, scientific and academic facilities, diplomatic spaces, storage, training, and so on.
Well known installations include:
Political, International
Alternative Names
The Society, The Community

Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
In case of transactions with a person or country, they follow the local customs and payment methods.

Related Traditions
Related Professions
Notable Members


The Nature's children are one of the founder members of The Society, that doesn't mean they are interested in rule it or that they always listen the general advice. In any case, they are always supportive with other Affiliates.


The Society can't interfere with their actions in Gehi (unless it is under the local terms), but often acts against the Guild in other worlds.

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