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Hais Nation

The Main Palace

  Home to the Jaod of Hais, this is the oldest palace in the Fifth World, and a testament to the nation history. It's built with Sentient rock as every old building in that country, and the Jaod's wing has an L shape, the sign of power and wealthy back when Hais was only starting to develop as a nation.   The other wings were built around the original one. First to welcome guests from neighboring nations, and following the architecture standards of Hais in their expansion period. Later, when the Council of Three was founded, the Councillors chose their own architects, who built their chambers in whatever style fit their own cultures, but using the walls of the original wing, even if that required to destroy or adapt one of the previously existing areas.   The cupola of the east wing was particularly polemic. The wing's construction didn't disrupt the current building and was considered convenient at first, but once the locals understood more about the people of that region, the cupola was considered offensive, dangerous and a bad omen, because its main purpose was to follow the last steps ritual.   Currently, people don't care much about this buiding history. It's just the place to find the governors of Hais when they are in the capital, and were the diplomatic sessions usually occur.


Author's Notes

The brief history of the Palace of Hais is brought to you by the 4th prompt of Mapvember 2021. We'll talk about the rest of the Nation later.

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