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People come from all over the Fifth World —and others— to enjoy the shady and frown upon activities that are not only permited but encouraged in the area.   In the past, all those entertainments where legal and public, if not highly respected traditions. With the annexation to Hais some, of those activities became illegal, and take place disguised as something else, like the First Death that now has to pass for a climbing accident or done in total secrecy.   Several entertainers changed their regulations to guaranty the safety and consent of every participant of questionable activities. For instance, the Public Executions, Hunts, and Duels require a signed letter of consent and a medical test to verify that the executed is not suffering Desidia of any condition that prevent them form healing from any wounds received during those activities.     All in all, the place is still fun and games, even after someone gets hurt. Gambling, dancing, praying, dying or killing everything is fair for both tourists and locals, as long as no one's participation is forced.


Officially, Maearzil and the adjacent territory belong to the Nation of Hais since 421 Co. As such, the city obeys and respond to the ruler of Hais. They also follow the old regulations established when they were an independent minor nation, which are a combination of Nature's worship (which seams to be the same practiced in practiced in Lien and rules for fair trading of goods and—specially—services.   The local government follows the old ways too: a council of merchants that can vote to elect new members or kick them out according to popular opinion. This council decides when it's necessary to force some person or group to obey the rules, when to inform Hais ruler of transgressions, and when it's better to look the other way.   They mostly do the latter. After all, the not quite legal products ans experiences are what attract the tourist and keep the miners at ease.



  • The current main road that communicates the city's center with Hais Capital and several settlements in between
  • The Rock Path used to be the main road, communicating the city's center with the mines, farms, and tourism centers on the way to The Port.
  • Several paths communicate with the touristic forest and caves, tourists centers, mines and farm with each other and the city.
  • Buildings

  • Modern houses and functional edifices in the city's center.
  • Classic, alien and ostentatious buildings everywhere.
  • Ornamental infrastructures
  • Founding Date
    204 Co
    Alternative Name(s)
    Foreigners nation
    Outlandish (relative meaning of zil)
    Large city
    Inhabitant Demonym
    zil, outlandish
    Included Locations
    Location under
    Hais Nation
    Fifth World of Grista

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