Stone Sickness

Stone sickness or petrification is thought to be more than one condition, but the cure for them all is very similar. The most popular cure is to petition a witch before the body is completely transformed to stone, and the least popular is to bathe in the waters of the river of Lethe in the cave of Hypnos.   Stone sickness may strike rapidly and without warning, as it often does with fae, turning them to stone within minutes. But with humans the transformation is usually slower and more painful as various organs and limbs solidify.   If you are reading this because you think you may have come into contact with a stone sickness vector, or are experiencing any of the symptoms listed, please self-quarantine or seek out a witch for diagnosis. Stone sickness is a serious illness, and although as a rule cannot be spread by humans there are some tragic examples where whole families, castles, and even villages have fallen prey to this debilitating and ultimately deadly affliction.   Famous examples of stone sickness include: the victims of Medusa; The Talking Statues of the Library of Alexandria; various mountains and geographical features; Minerva; The Merry Maidens, who were all afflicted by the hellhound Cerberus and tried to dance away the stone sickness only to die all the faster as they were dancing on a limestone deposit that not only sped their illness, but helped transmit it to the poor musicians who'd struck up a lively tune to lift their spirits.


The treatment for stone sickness is a closely guarded secret. So if you don't trust witches to cure your ailment then you are obliged to lose your memories in the river Lethe, where, unless you take precautions the most likely person to rescue you will be one of the many Baba Yaga's that live on the border to the Underworld.  

Loquela Lip Balm

Loquela Lip Balm is not a treatment as such, but a magical balm that allows the fully-petrified to speak. It's made by The Silent Nuns who live in a tiny nunnery on the border between FaerLand and Brocéliande.


While witches can treat stone sickness and ensure you can no longer transmit this sickness to others, many people who have had the condition will relapse. That means the symptoms will likely reappear over time, especially with old age. Some of the afflicted even embrace their condition near the end, as in slow-moving cases it has been known to sustain life for centuries. In such cases the afflicted try to make their way to The Library of Alexandria or the Talking Cliffs so that they can receive the Loquela Lip Balm that allows them to speak until they wish to speak no more.


While for some stone sickness can overtake the body in moments, others sicken for some time before they even show any obvious symptoms. The first inkling they may have of anything being wrong is slowing thoughts and missing time. Please, if you have been near any of the stated stone sickness vectors it's important that you self-isolate until you get a negative diagnosis. While most forms of stone sickness are not catching, some varieties can spread rapidly especially in areas built with (or on) greywacke, limestone or sandstone.  

Transmission / Vectors

The known vectors for stone sickness are; demons, medusae, the hellhound Cerberus, witches spells, and stonewort (Chara calcis mortus)  

Also known as:

Stone Sickness Stone Blight Stone Skin Saxus Xerotosis
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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