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The Quill of Forgetting

Everyone has something they need to forget. An ex. An accident. That time when you thought you were dreaming and went to work naked. Whatever it is, the Quill of Forgetting is for you.
This miraculous new technology is made by the very best artisans in our modern up to date, state of the arc factory.  
It's brilliant for those times you wake up at two am, remember something you said five years ago, and it makes you go AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Just pop the quill in the ink provided write a sentence or two, and you'll have forgotten the whole episode by morning.
  Whatever it is you don't want to remember, write it down and it will be gone.  
This fantastic item comes with a full money back guarantee.
  Disclaimer: You cannot claim a full money back guarantee for you or a loved one who thinks they've forgotten more than they intended to. How is anyone to know how much you "intended" to forget once you have forgotten it?


This page has a lot of promotional content on it. And while we think that the Quill of Forgetting is indeed a radical break though, the fact that most of it's powers are derived from the so-called ink is problematic. And we say so-called ink because all our alchemists, witches and apothecaries agree that it's actually water from the river Lethe. That's right. After handling the pen and ink, you'll be lucky to remember anything, including your own name.

To Whoever Wrote the Warning

Beware. When we find out who you are, and how you posted the information, we will be suing you with copyright infringement and defamation. Please take it down immediately or we will find you and stick our lawyers, Burcham, Steadfast and Silvertongue, on you. So beware, the writ is already sealed. It only needs a name.


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7 Jul, 2021 13:02

Lovely work! I like the mix of dark secrets and cheerful advertising. Makes perfect sense that someone would learn about the effects of the river Lethe and think "now, how can I make money from that?"

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8 Jul, 2021 09:03

Thank you. It was the most fun to write-there's something about taking an idea and pushing it. :)

A.J. Ponder (author)
1 Jan, 2022 09:14

Excellent! I love how the article is structured like posters on a roadside board!

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6 Feb, 2022 08:20

Thank you. :) Love your Landfill barrier spell. Serious message in a bit of fun, but also a practical consideration in a fantasy world. :)

A.J. Ponder (author)
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