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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an extraordinary writing tool (or type of writing tool)
A total of 582 entries

Ocular Transmission Lenses - OTCs

The Director's Signature Pen, Earth

Book of High Adventures and accompanying Ourosian Library of High Adventures

Utrettelig Fjærpenn a.k.a The Coffee Quill

Impressment Reproduction Enabler, The

Magical Books - Prompt #6 an extraordinary writing tool

The Evolution of the Printing Press {WASC 2021}

Audio Transcript - Tablet Ox221324.503

Havarald's Summonable Scriviner

Writing with blood: Beginner's set

Pen of esoteric penmanship

The Blood Quill of Vol Sarkoth

The Amazing and Magical Distance Writing Machine

Penna incantata cerimoniale

Mage's Correspondence Bureau

Pen of Limitless Connections

Lesym's Quill of Conscious Thought

Egerton Dist-inked Stationary Set

George Bardo’s Typewriter

Anithonian, the Memory of Stone

Watcher's Dictation Device

The Introduction of The Basic Ink Pen- By Mika Tsuki

Arcadia's Enchanted Ink Pens

794.II, 6 Meoii: The Holy Quills

Direct Input/Internal Processor

Dracon Scelerograph, Talonscribes & Dracon Typer

The Calamus of Correspondence

Kheralian Literary Aid and Additional Writer

Ádafin - Spirit Feather

Luminous Limited Lightning Letters

Feather of Unfettered Knowing

Loxley's Wondrous Inviso Quill

Writing the Codex Healartum

Gnome Workshop Printing Press and Infusion Set

The Autotranscriber Pencil

Vilgelm Sekspir's Apparatus

Runi Pens: The Ink Refills Overnight

The Magic Quill of House Morrill