Oath Quill

When a contract is signed with this rare Quill, a magical oath is formed between the signees. If any signee breaks the contract, they will suffer dear consequences depending on the type of Quill used. Those can range from markings and disfiguration, up to physical damage or even death. Once a contract is signed by all parties, the Oath Quill disintegrates into dust, and a glowing rune appears on the contract.   The only way to get out of an oath, is by fullfilling it or if every signee agrees to nullify the contract. The magic does not care about intent or meaning, but about the exact words on the contract. Everybody is aware of the magic of the quill as soon as they touch it and if someone is physically forced to sign a contract, the magic will not take effect.

Manufacturing process

An oath quill is created through a complicated magical process. During its creation process, the creator can define the consequences for an oathbreaker. The severity of those punishments depends on the skill of the crafter and the material used. Over time, there have been a few standardized types of Oath Quills for various applications.  
  • Uncommon: An oathbreaker is branded with a sigil on their forehead
  • Rare: An oathbreaker is overcome with a nearly unresistable urge to return to the other signees
  • Legendary: An oathbreaker dies the moment the oath is broken. Only a wish spell or other similiarly powerful magic can bring them back to life.
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    Item type
    The Rarity of the Quill varies depending on the resources used for its construction and therefor its power. The most simple ones are rather common in higher social circles, while the most powerful ones are incredibly rare and usually only countries can afford paying for them and only for incredibly important contracts.
    Base Price
    500 gold
    Raw materials & Components
  • Uncommon: Owl Feather
  • Rare: Phoenix Feather
  • Legendary: Sphinx Feather, freely given
  • Infused with ink and diamond dust

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