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World Atlas

This article is depicting a potential future of this world. Some events in here might not have happened yet and will be changed by the actions of the players involved in this world. Until these campaigns have concluded, this article will exist in a superposition between existance and non-existance.   Some version of this article will survive, but who knows what it will be when all of this is over

The lands of this world and it's inhabitants. Mountains, Rivers, Valleys, Cities, Landmarks, Peoples and Cultures.

When the dust settled, the world had changed forever. After years, maybe centuries of being ravenged by gods and other forces beyond mortal comprehension, suddenly it became quiet. It was all over. The world survived. When the sun rose over the horizon and bathed the world in new light, it was clear that this was the beginning of a new age. An age of rebuilding and rediscovery.

  This category contains everything that's related to physical locations. Places you can go to, things you can see and people you can meet there. No matter if it's on the material plane, or in any other dimension.   If you dig down into the World Codex below, you will see it is structured like a tree. Starting at the most central point and then expanding downwards from there, getting more and more specific the further you go. Next to the information about the locations, you will find "Cultures & People" categories containing the unique characters, cultures and peoples living within that area.


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