Teldora is a continent in the northern hemisphere of Lothrea. It is bordered by the Freezing Sea in the north, the Duncona in the west, the Dragon Tides in the south and the Misty Waters in the west.    


Lekeria is the region north of the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Jagged Peaks and stretches from coast to coast. It is a varied area of temparate climate, with many forrests and open plains. The region is dominated by the Silver Lake. At its center there is the Silver-Heart-Bastion, the destroyed capital of the old Lekerian Empire and now the ruins of the biggest city that ever existed.   Today it is the home to the Republic of Estaria and the Kingdom of Abonaria and the most densly populated region of the continent.  

Golden Coast

The Golden Coast is a narrow strip of land wedged between the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Golden Sea. This coastal region has a warm climate and is the major trading hub of the continent. Many big and small islands in the Golden Sea are home to countless different cultures and people.   Link: The Golden Coast
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Teldora is the main focus of my worldbuilding right now. It's the place for all my campaigns and adventurs at the moment.


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