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The War for Dawn

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Just a few decades after the first Mortals appeared on Lothrea their faith gave birth to new entities and new gods. These new arrivers fought for followers and prevalence. They fought many bloody wars, but the worst of them has been known as the War for Dawn. A war between lesser gods and entities, that went on until the Greater Deities intervened. But their intervention ripped the world apart.
— The Chronicles of Lothrea
  The Dawnera is filled with Myths and Legends. Thousands of years ago, this world was created and the Siblings of the Sky came into existence. Then the first Mortal races set foot on this plane, and with them came their beliefs and their faith. This faith gave birth to new gods, and those new gods needed followers and worshippers to stay alive. From time to time a couple of those new gods clashed and fought battles and skirmishes, but at some point it got clear that not all of them can survive.   To not fall into obscurity, these gods rallied their followers and fought against each other. They wrecked havoc on this world and reshaped the world with their fight. Eventually, before the infighting could destroy the world, the Three Siblings of the Sky intervened. With their combined might, they forced the other gods to step down, to stop fighting. But in their attempt to save this world, they nearly completely destroyed it.   As soon as the Siblings joined the fight, the combined energy of the gods caused the separation of the world into three parts. Today this event is known as The Sundering, the creation of the Feywild and the Shadowfell - twisted versions of the material plane. This event made the Gods realize that if they keep fighting, they will destroy the world itself. They nearly did so already. Without a world, there are no followers, and without followers, they can't exist.   The five strongest of those gods are now part of the Greater Deities, while the others are worshipped by only a few people, or have been completely forgotten over thousands of years. This war was the end of the Dawnera and started the Age of Arcanum, which eventually led to the height of civilisation so far.
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