The Sundering

The War for Dawn was the first big fight between the gods and marked the end of the Dawnera. The faith of the Mortals brought forth many powerful beings, but soon these beings realized that the more of them exist, the weaker every single one becomes.   Knowing that not all of them can survive, they all rallied their followers and fought against each other. They brought chaos and destruction over this world and nearly completely destroyed it in the progress. In a desperate attempt to save this world, the Siblings of the Sky intervened, and with their combined power and might they forced the other gods to stop their war.   But this intervention unleashed too much energy, too much magic, too much divine power, and it ripped the world apart - quite literally. This event ripped the world into three parts - the Feywild, the Shadowfell and the Material Plane. A world of color, a world of darkness and a world in between.   This was the Sundering, the separation of worlds.
  Today, there are three different versions of the world. There is the Shadowfell - a place of shadows and darkness, a twisted version of the world and a place of nightmares and monsters. It's an inhospitable place for most creatures, and even those who could survive in this environment need to face the dangers of that world.   The Feywild is best described as what happens if you take all the color and joy of the world and turn it up to eleven. Everything is over the top, bright, vibrant, and colorful. But this look might deceive. Just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. Many mortals have been lost in this world.   And then there is the Material Plane - a world of gray. It sits right between the Shadowfell and the Feywild, with no complete darkness, but also no overly vibrant colors.  

The Creation of the Species

This event also lead to the creation of many species that today inhabit Lothrea. The species that have been around during this event got ripped into multiple versions as well. The original version stayed on the Material Plane, while changed versions appeared in the Shadowfell and the Feywild. These new species soon found their way to the Material Plane and are now living among all the others.
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