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In the beginning, there was nothing. No time, no space, only darkness; an endless and eternal void of nothingness. But this is only part of the truth. Because in this endless void, there was a single mote of light. A tiny piece of light and hope - the beginning of something great. The beginning of everything that exists today.
For an eternity, this mote of light was the only thing that existed, but eventually it grew tired and bored. So it gave itself up and gave birth to the elements, and three new lights in the dark. The elements formed the world as we know it, and the lights grew into the three siblings of the Sky. Yana - the Lady of Light, Tria - the Source of Magic, and Izral - the Force of Change.
To this day, the Sun reminds the Mortals of Yana's love, Trius the big moon in the sky reminds them of Tria's Magic, and Izrak, the red moon, reminds them of Izral's change.
— The beginning of Lothrea
    The first age was the Age of Creation, the Era of Dawn. During that time the Siblings of the Sky - Yana, Tria and Izral watched over the newborn world. They watched as life formed, grew and prospered, and ultimately developed into the first sapient and sentient beings of this world.   They watched these first Mortals as they formed groups and tribes - as they came together to build settlements and towns, and developed the first cultures and people. These first Mortals did not know about the Siblings' existence, as they just observed and guided from the shadows.   Soon these Mortals turned their attention skywards. Are we alone? Are there others out there?, they wondered. And so the first religions formed an attempt to explain the things no mortal mind could ever comprehend.  
You know, the faith of these Mortals is a curious thing. They believe in something that is not there, to explain things they can't comprehend. They create myths and stories, and at some point, they convince themselves that these fictional stories are real. This Imagination is a powerful ability - maybe even the most powerful ability in this universe - as when their faith grows strong enough, this faith ultimately leads to the creation of the very thing they believe in.
  After the first cultures and religions formed, so formed the first divine beings. Created and fueled by the faith of the Mortals, these creatures set foot on Lothrea and bathed in the worship of their followers. Over centuries more and more Mortals, believed in more and more Divines and more and more of them appeared - and with every new one, every single one of them became weaker and weaker, the faith of the Mortals split between even more of them.
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  Once the Divines realized what was going on, they knew that not all of them can survive. There is a limited number of followers out there, and therefor, there is a limited amount of power for every single one of them. And the more Divines there are, the less power there is for each of them.   And so these Gods fought for their followers. They showered the world in gifts, and showed themselves to the Mortals - all to gain more followers than the others, a desperate attempt to survive. But it all was for nothing. The Mortals did not unite behind a couple of them, but kept believing in the ones each of them created.  
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To understand what happened next, you need to understand one crucial thing. Even if the Gods seem almighty and powerful, even if you think they are eternal and will be here forever, they can bleed - and everything that bleeds can die.
Desperate, and with no good options left, the Divines had to fall back to the only option remaining - getting rid of the others. So they rallied their followers, unleashed their magic and went to war with each other. They wreacked havoc across the world, killing countless Mortals and Divines alike. The War for Dawn was the first big war this world had seen so far, and it nearly destroyed everything.
  When the world was at the brim of annihilation, the Siblings of the Sky could no longer sit idly by and watch everything getting destroyed. They grew attached to the world that had developed under their watch. Together they forced the other Divines to stop their fight, killing many of them in the procress, and unleashed magic greater than anything that existed so far.   And this magic shook the foundations of this world and ripped it apart. Today this event is known as The Sundering. It took the bright and beautiful, turned it to the extreme and ripped it away from the world, creating the Feywild that exists today. Simultaneously, this magic funneled the dark and foul away from this world and created the Shadowfell. And between these two planes, the world was left with no overly bright colors, but also no complete darkness - a place perfect for Mortals to thrive.


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Jan 9, 2022 21:27 by Secere Laetes

German below. In your world it was difficult to think which WE article I would take best. Mortal's Society was also so good. But here I think the overall concept is just great. Gods that "really" existed, gods that were "invented" by mortals and gods that used to be mortals (okay, wrong era). And that is clearly presented. Usually you only have one or two of the concepts, but not all of them so well connected. I just wonder now whether "psi" was possibly involved in the "coming true".   Apart from that, I find the motivation of the made-up gods to wage war very understandable, which I think is great (with me they also get weaker the more aspects there are, but that's a bit different). And you also clarified why you have Feywild and Shadowfell. Great.   In deiner Welt war es schwierig zu überlegen, welchen WE-Artikel ich am Besten nehme. Mortal’s Society war auch so gut. Aber hier finde ich das Gesamt-Konzept einfach klasse. Götter, die es „wirklich“ gab, Götter, die von den Sterblichen „ausgedacht“ wurden und Göttern, die mal Sterbliche waren (okay, falsche Ära). Und das eben klar aufbereitet. Meistens hat man ja nur ein oder zwei der Konzepte, aber nicht alle so gut zusammenhängend. Ich frage mich jetzt nur, ob an der „Wahrwerdung“ eventuell „Psi“ beteiligt war.   Abgesehen davon finde ich die Motivation der ausgedachten Götter zum Krieg führen sehr verständlich, was ich super finde (bei mir werden die auch schwächer, je mehr Aspekte es gibt, aber das ist ein bisschen anders gelagert). Und geklärt, warum es bei dir Feywild und Shadowfell gibt hast du auch gleich. Toll.

Jan 14, 2022 21:31

Danke für den Kommentar, und danke dass du so viele meiner Artikel gelesen hast!   Ich hab eine ganze Weile gebraucht bis ich ein Pantheon hatte das mir gefallen hat und dann konnte ich mich nicht entscheiden, welche Art von Göttern ich haben will, also hab ich einfach alle drei eingebaut. Als ich dann die Götter hatte, hat sich die restliche Geschichte fast von alleine geschrieben.   Wie das ganze mit den ausgedachten Göttern funktioniert ist absichtlich wage gehalten. Zum einen haben die Leute in der Welt keine Ahnung dass das ganze überhaupt funktioniert und zum anderen glaube ich gibt es Sachen die besser sind wenn sie mysteriös und ungeklärt bleiben.

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Jan 11, 2022 05:06

I've tried and failed to write good creation myths before. It's a difficult thing. This post is like a reminder to keep trying. You've made it look approachable. Still, I think it will be some time before I clarify the mystery of what is called the Primordial Era on Theoma, an era that I've hardly approached even in my own thoughts.   The Dawn Era must have been a strange one, full of hope and fervor as well as strife. For if the Divines did not at first know that their existences were in tension with each other, would not the greatest of peacemakers have walked among them at that time? As the people formed clans, they could imagine clans of gods, and as their faiths took root, they would see those clans arising. One wonders if there were any gods who were all too easily overwhelmed in the War for Dawn. What happens to a god who is dead, but who is then worshipped again?

Jan 14, 2022 21:26

Thanks for your comment and I'm sure you will figure out your creation myth soon enough. It took me long enough to figure out the gods and myths of my world and had to completely redo them more than once.   The Dawn Era itself was pretty strange. The thing is, over time myth and legends mixed with actual history. This makes it hard to distinguish what really happened and what got added later on. But yes there have been many gods, and probably every aspect you can imagine existed at one point.   This also means there have been countless gods barely stronger than some mortals and they got overwhelmed incredibly quickly during the War. Today there are only 5 gods left from that period.   For the last point, let's just say: People tried to resurrect old gods and some of them seemingly have been successful. But did they actually resurrect the god, or did their belief create a new god entirely?

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Jan 20, 2022 12:21

With me being on the lookout for more narrative articles, one of a creation myth was of course within the range of my self set goals. Mythology - for me - is yet one beast to be slain and this article is a good example of how to treat such a big topic right. It is nor overly wordy, not overly complicated and is somewhere between a description of the events and the telling of the story unfolding. I like the black boxes in between, which have somewhat of a guiding and preparing function within the plot. Everything is left a bit vague, which fits an intruduction article quite nicely. I hope in the future you'll be able to write more articles around this, delving deeper into certain aspects of this creation myth, like the characters involved or the war between the divines. Maybe, if it fits your vision, you could write the myth in some epic prose?

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Jan 25, 2022 21:21

Thanks! I'm honestly not sure how much I will expand on this era of my world. It's thousands of years in the past, and a mix of fact and fiction. But there will definitively be more gods from this era, and maybe some more myths and legends in the future. :D

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