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Goddess of the Sun, Light, Love, and Temptation

Yana has been watching over this world since its beginning. She is the Goddess of Light and Love, the Patron of the Sun and the Lady of Light. She teaches her followers to care for everyone, to be a bright light in the dark, and to love freely and without regret. Countless people pray for her blessing every day - kings and beggars alike.  
Tennents of Faith
  • Stay in the light. Be the best person you can be.
  • Love freely and without regret.
  • Bring light to everyone who needs it.


Yana is often just depicted as a blinding, humanoid silhouette made of pure light, illuminating everything around her. During ages past, she often showed herself as a light-skinned, elven woman with fiery red hair, or as a bronze skinned human man with wavey blond hair, if she took a humanoid form at all. More often than not, she just appeared as an orb of sunlight.  


May the light of Yana brighten your path, and may her love guide your heart. May you bring her light to those around you and may you brighten this world day by day, thought by thought and action by action.
The light of the sun shall brighten up the world. When you are a bright light to the people around you, some of this light will find its way back into your life. Love is the universal language of all people and without it, the world would be a dark hellscape.   Yana preaches to help everyone, no matter who they are; to provide healing, shelter and food to everyone in need, even if it is to your own detriment. If everybody takes care of each other, nobody has to be left behind and everybody is taken care of.  


In the beginning, there was nothing. No time, no space, only darkness; an endless and eternal void of nothingness. But this is only part of the truth. Because in this endless void, there was a single mote of light. A tiny piece of light and hope - the beginning of something great. The beginning of everything that exists today.
For an eternity, this mote of light was the only thing that existed, but eventually it grew tired and bored. So it gave itself up and gave birth to the elements, and three new lights in the dark. The elements formed the world as we know it, and the lights grew into the three siblings of the Sky. Yana - the Lady of Light, Tria - the Source of Magic, and Izral - the Force of Change.
To this day, the Sun reminds the Mortals of Yana's love, Trius the big moon in the sky reminds them of Tria's Magic, and Izrak, the red moon, reminds them of Izral's change.
— The beginning of Lothrea
  Yana and her siblings have been here since the beginning of time. They have been watching and guiding Lothrea since its creation, and they will be there watching its end. Her light stands bright in the sky and brings life and love to this world. Together with her siblings, she ended the War for Dawn and the first age.   During the Age of Arcanum Yana took an active role in various civilisations all over the world. [...]   But some people grew more arrogant and pretentious, and turned their back to the gods. Instead of love and light, selfishness and greed found their way into the hearts of people. At first Yana still believed in the good in every living creature, but overtime her brother Izral convinced her, that some people are beyond saving.   So Yana shone her light into the darkest corners of this world, burning away everything that's foul and evil. She started a war against the darkness and walked right into the trap Izral set out for her. Quickly she lost control over the war she unleashed, and the worst war this world has ever seen - the War of Fate - broke out and nearly destroyed everything.   Gods fought against gods, civilisations against civilisation. Mortals ascended into godhood, and gods were killed and forgotten. In all this chaos, Yana fought to bring the light back into this world, but she could not stop the chaos her brother unleashed by herself. After years or centuries of war, finally her sister Tria stopped idly watching the war unfold, and joined in. Together, the two sisters reigned in their brother and bring this horrible war to an end. Together they brought a new dawn and a new age.
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Divine Domains
Sun, Light, Love & Temptation
Divine Classification
Greater Deity

Major Temples
Holidays & Celebrations

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