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House of the Sun

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Everybody tells you to visit Tria's Light. It's the most beautiful temple on the whole Golden Coast, they say. But let me tell you, the temple is nothing compared to the beauty you can see once you step into the House of the Sun. Just the incredible stained glass window, is an artistic masterpiece you just have to see when you are in Okodranous!
  The House of the Sun is a temple to Yana in the Eastshore district of Okodranous. It's a two story tall building, out of marble and gold, with bright magical lights illuminating the inside and outside alike.   The temple itself is most known for it's incredible stained glass window towards the south. A mosaic of glass, depicting the goddess of the Sun herself, and many of the stories, myths and legends surrounding her. The window nearly fills the whole southern side of the temple and with a height of over 7 meters and almost 20 meters long, this stained glass window is a sight to behold. During most of the day, the sun shines right through the window, illuminating the whole temple in countless different colors.
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