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The Golden Coast

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I love the Golden Coast, even with all of its shadows. It's beautiful and all the cultures here are incredible inspiring. I've grown up here, and I could not think of a better place to live. But not everything that glitters is gold. When you start digging, the facade crumbles, revealing all the dark spots. The rich are just getting richer while the poor can barely hang on. Nothing is perfect, but if we work together, we can make it better day by day.
  The Golden Coast is one of the wealthies regions of Teldora. Sitting right at the coast of the Golden Sea it's dominated by travelers and traders - a mixing pot of different cultures and peoples. Most of the region is controlled by the Confederation of the Golden Coast, but the constant rivalry between the cities leaves ample opportunities for the free and lawless.  


Culture and Arts

The Golden Coast is a hub for trade, culture and arts. The constant influx of traders and travelers has resulted in a mixing pot of cultures. People from all over the world brought their traditions and customs to the Golden Coast, forming it into the unique multi facade gem it is today.

by Midjourney

Port of Protreni
Port of Protreni by Midjourney
A Paradise for Business

The constant trade within this region, provide an abundant opportunity for business - both legal and illegal. Huge trading companies ship wares into the entire world, and import exotic items and materials. There is hardly anything you won't be able to purchase in one of the major ports if you have the necessary coin.

Rich against Poor

While the region itself is incredibly wealthy, and the elite live in luxury, most of the people aren't so lucky and have to survive paycheck to paycheck. The rift between rich and poor is constantly growing, causing more and more people to lose trust in the established structures. Some swallow their pride and hope to survive, while others turn to piracy and rebellion.

by Midjourney



The Golden Coast is a narrow strip of land at the eastern coast of Teldora. Wedged between the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Golden Sea, the land is rocky and not suited for large-scale agriculture. Still, countless small and big rivers find their way from the mountains into the sea, providing the coast with a constant supply of fresh water. Near the feet of the mountains, dense forests have grown, while the coastal regions are dominated by plains and cliffs.     The Golden Coast is famous for the Ambrosia Fungi, which cloud the local forrests into a slight blueish light with their spores every single night. The less the light of the moon shines in the night, the more the mushrooms glow and fill the Golden Coast.   There are six major cities in this region. Five of them sit at the mouth of the five biggest rivers, while Iriserend hides on the bottom of the ocean. Okodranous is the spiritual and political capital of this region, and the leading member of the Confederation of the Golden Coast.     Only a single pass goes above the Mountains of Roxtoi - the Lion's Pass. It's a major trading route from the Golden Coast to the Kingdom of Abonaria in the north.   The Golden Sea is a part of the greater Misty Waters to the east of Teldora. It's a rather warm sea, dominated by four major chains of islands. From the cliffs of the Shattered Isles, over the volcanic Burning Isles to Kathal'Dir - ancestral home of the giants - each island has a unique culture and geography.    


431 DAW
Lornan gifts the Tome of Infinite Wisdom to the Boradrinians
308 DAW
The People of Boradrin transform the Southern Golden Coast into a lush and fertile area.
Around 200 DAW
Tria claims the Lighthouse of Okodranous
Destruction of Escarl and Kathal'Dir
In Dawnera thousands of years ago, the Golden Coast looked quite different to today. The region was dominated by two major parties, the people of Escal and the giants of Kathal'Dir. Those two peoples fought against each other countless times, but they were equally matched and none of them could do much progress against the other. During the War for Dawn both empires were destroyed, and only their ruins remain today.   Simultaneous, the southern parts of the coast, around today's Lirca belonged to the people of Boradrin who lived in harmony with nature. Eventually Lornan gifted them the Tome of Infinite Wisdom, and they used it to transform their homeland.

Early Age of Arcanum
The first couple centuries of the Age of Arcanum the people of the Golden Coast spent rebuilding. Escal had been destroyed and has fallen into the sea, and the Giants of Kathal'Dir were only a shadow of their former glory and kept to themselves. The small village of Okodranous quickly grew into the biggest metropolis of the region and a hub of Tria's faith, while the few survivors of Escal founded the kingdom of Anthinea.  
Around 100 ARC
After being thrown into the newly created Feywild during the Sundering, the Boradrinians return to the Material Plane.
Around 150 ARC
The survivors of Escal come together to found the underwater kingdom of Anthinea
293 ARC
The last civil war of the Giants of Kathal'Dir seals their doom. Within a couple years, the giants went extinct.

The Heights of the Arcanum
While other civilisation reached incredible arcane achievements during the Age of Arcanum, the Golden Coast focused on faith and trade. The faith in Tria, and her followers the Star Seekers shaped the culture of the region like nothing else. Even today, the faith in Tria is deeply rooted in the traditions and customs of the people living here.   The people of Anthinea on the other hand, discovered their inherent ability in magic, and used it to build their cities and settlements. As magic became more and more mundane, Anthinea and especially its capital Iriserend became one center of magic on the continent.

2158 ARC
Founding of Kamorda
Around 2500 ARC
The Elves of Boradrin leave to the Feywild
6117 ARC
The Confederation of the Golden Coast gets founded
In the years around 2500 ARC, after founding Kamorda, the Elves of Boradrin tried to rediscover their roots and history - exploring their origins in the Feywild. Eventually, most of them decided to relocate back to the feywild, while only a few remained in the material plane. Those few became the Kyfasi.   Eventually in the late stages of the Age of Arcanum, the major cities of the Golden Coast banded together with the kingdom of Anthinea to create the Confederation of the Golden Coast - a collaboration focused on peace, trade and prosperity.

War of Fate
The first reported battle of the War of Fate happened on the Shattered Isles and destroyed the peninsula, shattering it into thousands of tiny islands. The war raged on for decades and destroyed major parts of the world, and the Golden Coast was no exception. In the beginning, most people of the Golden Coast fought together against the extra dimensional attacks, but as the war dragged on, people lost hope and courage.   Seventeen years after the war began, the city of Asteri hid itself from the outside world, in a desperate attempt to save themselves. Another seven years later, when Princess Lusianna of Anthinea died in battle, the Tritions followed suit, and hid all their settlements with powerful magic. Both Anthinea and Asteri stayed in hiding way into the Age of Mortals.  
7047 ARC
The first battle of the War of Fate is fought on the Shattered Isles.
7064 ARC
The city of Asteri hides itself within the jungles of the Voiceless Holm
7071 ARC
Princess Lusianna of Athinea dies in battle, initiating the retreat of the Tritons from the world
7073 ARC
Huge parts of Protreni get destroyed in an attack
7082 ARC / 1 MOR
The War of Fate is over one day to the other

652 MOR
A prophecy during the Night of the Moon Festival predicts the doom of the Golden Coast
755 MOR
Countless Plane Touched flee to Okodranous and find refuge in the Shadowcliff as the Planars
897 MOR
The prophecy of 652 is retold during the Night of the Moon Festival and Anthinea is offically re-establishing contact with the Confederation
Age of Mortals
Once again after a devestating war, the first few decades of the Age of Mortals people spent rebuilding. Overtime the trade within the region picked back up, and slowly wealth and prosperity returned. Still there was no trace of the kingdom of Anthinea or Asteri, so most people assumed both were destroyed during the war.   After the Resurgence of 755, countless Plane Touched fled from the King of Abonaria southwards, and found refuge in the Shadowcliff of Okodranous.   In the late 800s both Anthinea and Asteri re-established contact with the other cities of the Golden Coast. Eventually Asteri rejoined the Confederation on the 24th of Sunrest 882.
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