The Golden Coast

The Golden Coast is a narrow strip of land wedged between the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Golden Sea. It ranges from the Arm of Torrus in the north, all the way down to the Ferozabay in the south. It is mostly controlled by the Confederation of the Golden Coast, which consists of the four major cities in the region Okodranous, Prevena, Protreni and Lirca and a couple of island nations.


The Golden Coast occupies the north eastern coast of Teldora. The huge Mountains of Roxtoi create a natural border to the west, and makes this region one of the most fertile parts of the continent, as they don't let much rain escape.   Multiple major rivers flow from the mountains into the sea, and provide the people living here with a constant supply of fresh water. Towards the feet of the mountains, big and dense forrests grow, while towards the sea side the area is dominated by huge rolling plains and fields.   In the Golden Sea itself, many small and big islands exist. They can range from dense rain forrests, that are nearly impossible to traverse, to dead and dry cliffs and rocks. Most of these islands are inhabited by various creatures, but only a handfull of them are home to sapient people.

Localized Phenomena

The Golden Coast is famous for their Ambrosia Fungi, which cloud the local forrests into a slight blueish light with their spores every single night. The less the light of the moon shines in the night, the more the mushrooms glow and fill the Golden Coast. But don't let this beauty fool you, as those mushrooms are as dangerous as they are beautiful.
Once a year, during the Winter Solstice, all the Fungi in the region emit their spores at once. During this night, the whole Golden Coast celebrates the Night of the Moon Festival.

Natural Resources

The Golden Coast does not have huge amounts of natural ressources. The weather along the coast, makes it possible to farm many different things, like grapes, fruits, olives and various different kinds of wheats and corn. At some places deep mines have been driven into the mountains, extracting valuable metals from the earth.   But the most wealth of the region comes from the flourishing trade from the east. Many goods come through here and are distributed across the whole continent.
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