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Star Seekers

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Since Tria claimed the lighthouse, she has watched the Golden Coast every night and every day. For thousands of years, she has brought the ships safely into the harbour. She gently guides us on our own paths and helps us to find our way through the shadows and through this world. She is with us, night and day. She has been here since the beginning, and she will be here at the very end.
Allesandra - High Priest of Tria
  The Star Seekers are the major religious faction on the The Golden Coast, and one of the oldest organized religions of the world. Their values are deeply embedded into the culture of the People of the Golden Coast, and it's nearly impossible to separate the two.  

Faith & Values

Tia's Tenets of Faith
Stay in the twilight. Too much light and everything burns. Too much darkness and the world dies.
Magic is a tool. Use it freely, but respect its power.
Your life is your own. You are the architect of your own path. You are responsible for your own life.

The Star Seekers are one of the oldest religion dedicated to Tria, and have been upholding her teachings for thousands of years. They believe that the world is built on a delicate balance between shadow and light. Only within the twilight an individual can both grow and survive. This belief shows itself in the diverse ranks of the Seekers. From mages and sorcerers exploring and studying the Arcane Arts, all the way to thieves and assassins seeking refuge in the shadows.   Tria's teachings encourage the Seekers to embrace diversity and individuality. They acknowledge the value of opposing viewpoints and are regularly called on as mediators during conflicts. They foster a culture of inclusivity and acceptance, where differences are celebrated rather than condemned. Everybody is welcome within their ranks, no matter their heritage or history.   On the other hand, they also teach that everybody is responsible for themselves. Every individual has to take control of their own destiny and shape their own narrative. They reject the notion of fate and determinism, putting them in direct conflict with the teachings of the Lady of Crows. Everybody possesses the ability to forge their own fate through actions and choices.   The Seekers will provide shelter and basic needs to everybody. They provide healing and guidance, but in the end, it is the responsibility of the individual to get back on their feet. They emphasize the importance of self-reliance, but also accountability and integrity. Every action carries consequences and Seekers must take responsibility for the impact of their choices on themselves and others.  


Star Seekers - Rite of Priesthood by Midjourney
The rites of priesthood are as ancient as the order itself, in which Tria herself chooses her own priests. Some are chooses as early as their late teens, while others wait for Tria's blessing for an entire lifetime.   Every year during the Night of the Moon Festival, everyone who wants to serve the goddess and dedicate their life to her, can come to a temple and participate in the rite of priesthood. When the sun sets and the festival begins, all applicants will be let into the temple, where they put on traditional simple white robes, leaving all their belongings outside the temple.   Inside the main chamber of the temple, each applicant is given an hour to prepare for the ritual in silence, often spending them in prayer and meditation. After the hour is over, every applicant is approached by a priest of Tria, who leads them into the ritual chambers and becomes their guide.   The ritual chambers are always dimly lit and open to the skies, allowing the applicant to look at the stars, while they undergo the ceremony. First, the priest places three silver pieces of jewelry on the applicant, each embedded with a small Starfire Gem.  
You've decided to dedicate your life to the stars, your mind to the moon, and your heart to Tria. During this sacred night, you put yourself in front of the goddess, offering everything you are into her service. Like many before you, Tria shall guide you on her path, and determine your faith.
Tria shall guide your hand, as your actions will shape your life. <Places a bracelet around their wrist> Tria shall guide your mind, as it's your window to the magic of the world. <Places a circlet onto their head> Tria shall guide your heart, as it will lead you through the twilight. <Places a necklace around their neck> May you find the stars.
Allesandra - guiding an applicant through the ancient rite
  Afterwards, the applicant drinks a tincture deprived from the Ambrosia Fungi, putting them into a deep trance. Everybody experiences this trance differently, as they have to face their deepest hopes, dreams, and fears. They have to show that their faith in Tria is unshakeable. Not everyone - especially those with a weak faith or a weak mind - survives this trance unharmed. When the applicant awakes with the first light of the new day, and the three Starfire Gems glow in a bright blue light, Tria has chosen their new priest.  

Influence & Public Perception

Yes, I am a member of the Council of Thirteen - one of the few public members I might add. I'm not just there to uphold the teachings of Tria, but also to act as a mediator between sometimes extreme opinions. Okodranous is a melting pot of different cultures and people - so much conflict hidden just beneath the surface. I'm there trying to make sure each individual gets an equal chance to shape their own destiny.
The Star Seekers are the most influential religious faction along the Golden Coast and take an active influence on the politics of the region. Most city councils have at least one Seeker among their rank. They urge the Confederation of the Golden Coast to restrict individuals as little as possible, and are responsible for the Confederation still being a loose alliance of cities, instead of a united country.   In recent years, technological advancements have changed the stance of the order slightly. Tria's primary teaching includes respecting the power of magic, harvesting it with care and respect. Some believe that the technological progress is happening too quickly to treat it with the proper care, so the Seekers have been slowing down the progress with regulations and laws. They don't intend to stop it, just making sure that the teachings of Tria are not forgotten in the face of advancement and progress.  
Honestly, fuck them. They have had a hold on the culture here for too long. They should not have a seat on the council. I don't judge believes - it's everybody's own personal matter, but when somebody is holding up progress this much, it's no longer just about personal beliefs. They might present themselves as the guiding force, keeping the balance between the people of the coast, the big heroes keeping things from getting even worse, but in the end they are as much part of the problem as people like the Morris Family.
  While many people follow the teachings of the Star Seekers, there is a lot of controversy around them as well. Critics point to the shadowy affiliations of some of their members, and the moral ambiguity that's deeply embedded in their teachings. Many people - especially tinkerers and inventors - disagree with the stance the order has taken on technological progress, and have become disillusioned because of that. Whispers about secret rituals conducted beneath the cloak of darkness fuel even more speculation and mistrust among the uninitiated.  


Around 200 DAW
Tria claims the Lighthouse of Okodranous
The War for Dawn wreaks havoc across the world and destroys large parts of it.
The Star Seekers trace their history back further than most existing organizations, all the way to the end of the Dawnera, over 10,000 years ago. Shortly before the War for Dawn, Tria claimed a lonely lighthouse at the mouth of the Sirgavi River as her temple, which since then was called Tria's Light. During the war, many people sought refuge in here, and created the foundations of what later became the great city of Okodranous.
  After the Sundering, the two empires in the region, the Giants of Kathal'Dir, and the people of Escal were gone, but Okodranous survived. Many survivors started to worship Tria, believing her to have saved them from certain doom. Some even dedicated their entire lives to her and took care of the new temple. These people became the first Star Seekers.   Over the coming decades and centuries, the Star Seekers built more and more temples and shrines for the goddess in the region. Over time, they became the dominant religious organization and shaped the culture of the Golden Coast. Today, Tria's teachings are deeply embedded in the region and its people.
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Religious, Organised Religion
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