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Morris Family

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The Dragons of O'dranous, have money without end
While other folk are starving, their bellies will extend.
They only seems to care, to grow in size and mass
The Dragons of O'dranous, can come and kiss my...
  The Morris family is one of the wealthiest families of Okodranous. They trace their bloodline back hundreds of years and many people believe them to be one of the founding families of the city eons ago. Their wealth has brought them the nickname "Dragons of O'dranous", as they tend to keep their wealth to themselves and their allies like a dragon hoarding their hoard.   They own the Morris Transcontinental Shipping company, probably the most successful business within the city. Their ships are regularly hired by the city and the Confederation for all kinds of missions and their money opens them basically every door. They buy whatever they need, no matter if it is resources or people - if they want something, they usually get it.
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Political, Family
Alternative Names
"Dragons of O'dranous"

Notable Members

Edison Morris

Edision is the current head of the Morris Family. He runs most business decisions and plays a very important role in the cities' politics. He always tries to keep a professional demeanor, but enjoys hosting parties and balls at the Morris Estate for his political friends and business partners.
Enyra Morris

Enyra Morris (nee Marques) originally came from Protreni. Her family owns a small trading company. A couple of years ago, she met Edison Morris and they formed a very successful business relationship. Quickly this relationship became more than just business and Enyra divorced her then husband Ian Marques and moved to Okodranous, leaving the business to her sister.
Nathan Morris

Nathan is the sole heir of the Morris Family, but he doesn't really seem to care a lot about the business. He is always present during high society events and has built quite a reputation there. Eventually he will probably inherit the business, but many people in Okodranous believe that he will probably run this age old company into the ground.
Julia Marques

Julia is the daughter of Enyra Morris and recently moved to her mother in Okodranous. Her sweet and outgoing personality, opened her many doors within the city already, and many people see her as a better alternative to her step-brother to take over the business, eventually.


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