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Mica "Shadowbloom" Conan

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A light for those in the dark

Mica "Shadowbloom" Conan

Cause, when we all, together as one,
Focus on all that unites us, we'll grow,
Put differences aside, and focus on what counts,
And then we can all make the whole world glow.

Mica grew up in the Shadowcliff of Okodranous, the poorest district of the city. As the daughter of two Planars she had to deal with a lot of rejection in her life and she had to work hard for everything she has today.

Shadowbloom - a name she has received after playing in many taverns and inns in the Shadowcliff. Her open and honest music inspired people. It made them believe in a brighter future, so they called her "Shadowbloom" - a bloom in the shadows.

Mica has been playing in many districts of Okodranous for nearly a decade now, but she never lost track of where she came from. She knows how it feels to be at the very bottom of society and she also knows that there are countless people that are less lucky than her, and she wants to leave this world a better place for everyone.   Today, Mica is using her fame and popularity to criticise the rich and powerful, pointing at countless injustices, while inspiring the poor and less fortunate. She is a thorn in the side of the rich, and a beacon of hope for the poor.  


Forced into darkness

Nobody cares about the people living deep within the Shadowcliff. It seems like everybody just forgot any of us exist at all. I guess it's just easier to look away when things are going wrong - otherwise you would have to fix something.
— Mica
  About 150 years ago, during the Resurgence, the balance of magic in this world changed. To this day, nobody knows why it happened, but suddenly many people were born, touched by extra-planar forces. In the Kingdom of Abonaria, the Academy of Arcane Arts hunted down these new Plane Touched, in fear their uncontrolled magical abilities could destabilize their own seat of power, or society as a whole. Many of these Plane Touched fled to the Golden Coast and settled down in the Shadowcliff of Okodranous.   Mica's family is a part of these so called Planars. Her ancestors originated from Asolios and owned a very well respected bakery in one of the nicer districts of the city. But when they had to flee, they had to leave everything behind.   Her grandparents eventually settled down in Okodranous and rebuilt their life there. After working many poor paying jobs, they finally saved up enough money to reopen their bakery in the Shadowcliff.  

The Shadow Blooms

The world might be dark, but we are in it.
Day by day, we build a better place.
So put aside your pride, let's all come together,
This world can be, whatever dreams we chase
  Mica was born on the 3rd of Duskfall 868 and grew up in the poorest district of Okodranous, the Shadowcliff. The family's business was not going very well, and Mica had to work very hard for everything she wanted.   Not having much else to her name, music quickly became her creative and emotional outlet. She saved up for her first guitar, at 12 years old, by helping in the bakery and around various shops in the neighborhood. During this time, she met Valryn, who quickly became her best friend.
  Without Valryn, the world probably would have never heard of Mica. He was the one who encouraged her to play her music in public. It took a lot of convincing, but eventually, at roughly 16 years old, Mica had her first performance in a local bar.  
I've never seen her that nervous! She could barely hold her guitar without shaking. But once she sat down and focused on her music, all that nervousness was just gone. She just sat down and played. I always believed she could do it, but at that moment I was certain.
  From this point forward, her career exploded. She inspired the people in the Shadowcliff with her music and grew a very loyal fanbase. Quickly, even more popular bars, inns, and taverns asked her to perform there, and at only 18 years old, her music was enough to provide for herself.  

A story of light

The future ahead, a new path in front of you
Do your best, wherever you go.
You won’t be alone, we all walk next to you
Day by day, we will all grow.
  Valryn was always a tinkerer, even before meeting Mica. So for her 18th birthday, he made her a very special gift. Combining his knowledge of technology, magic and enchantment, he created an instrument that can amplify sound and voice, distort the tone and even create fully unique unfamiliar sounds. He called this new instrument an Arcane-Guitar, and Mica has been using it ever since.   Over the next couple of years, Mica played in countless different bars, restaurants, taverns or inns, mostly in the poorer parts of the city. She inspired hope and kept criticizing the rich and powerful. She became a beacon of hope for many people, and her performances always filled the place she was playing at.  
You can often find Mica walking around Shadowcliff or the poorest parts of the Docks helping wherever she can. She truly believes that if everybody does their part, the world will become a better place. Leading by example, she tries to improve the world step by step, day by day.
Shadowbloom Sanctuary
In her quest of helping people, she created the Shadowbloom Sanctuary - a place for those in need. Everybody can come here and get a free meal or a place to stay for the night. Mica uses all profits she gets from her performances and pays for all expenses of the sanctuary herself.

Where there is light...

The Dragons of O'dranous, have money without end
While other folk are starving, their belies will extend.
They only seems to care, to grow in size and mass
The Dragons of O'dranous, can come and kiss my...
  Mica always used social critique in her songs, and always was a thorn in the side of the rich and powerful. As her popularity grew, so did her enemies. They tried to put as many stones in her way as possible. Unlike many other bards, nobody invited her to any official events, and she never got permission to play in public places. But that did not stop her. She played many small concerts in public all over the city, just long enough so no guards showed up in time.   For a while, someone even tried to run a smear campaign against her and her family, but ultimately, this all was short-lived. But in the end, her song "The Dragon of O'dranous", finally broke the camel’s back. She openly criticised and attacked the Morris Family, who had gotten the nickname “Dragons of Okodranous” because of their wealth. The day after she first sang this song in public, she got an envelope containing a single crow feather - a death threat.  
To be fair, we always knew that some people didn't like what we were doing. But Mica inspired people, made them believe things can get better, and I was there in the background cheering her on. It all went so well. We were doing something truly good! We didn't really care about the consequences, but then at a normal evening in the Fallen Anchor it finally happened. I guess we are lucky that Mica is that picky with her instrument....
  The day after receiving the feather, Mica still played in the Fallen Anchor. She didn't even think much about it, believing it just to be another weird prank or attempt at intimidating her, but it was way more than that. She headed to the tavern and prepared for the evening. Mica already had forgotten about the letter she received in the morning until she noticed her guitar case was not closed properly. She always took great care of that, and nobody else was touching her most valued possession.   So she carefully investigated the case, looking for anything out of place, anything weird. She knew her instrument in and out; she spent hours upon hours with it every day, but still it took her a couple minutes to find this tiny poisoned needle positioned right on the clasp. Someone actually tried to kill her and had they correctly closed the case again, she would have totally fallen for it. It was just one tiny mistake, but it saved her life.  

The Glowing City

You know what? If these rich prigs up in their fancy homes really think I'm a danger for them, then we are doing something right! If we stop now, those prigs have won. That's not gonna happen! They can kiss my ass! Let's get this concert going, we've been talking about! Let's make it the biggest one ever and let's just spit into their faces! We've come too far to stop now.
— Mica
  After the attempt on her life, Mica did not play it low. She took this as motivation to create her biggest show. She and Valryn always had the dream of a big concert in the harbour of the city. The huge cliff side as the backdrop, with Tria's Light reflecting in the water beneath. Her music echoing over the sea, and people watching her from the shore.   So for the next couple of weeks, Mica and Valryn planned this event. Of course, they did not get permission from the city, but that didn't stop them. Over the last couple years, Mica had become incredibly popular with the poorer folk of the city, including the dockworkers in the harbour, and for this one evening, they just took it over.  
We were sent there to stop the rebels taking over the harbour, but when we arrived, we just saw a young woman, playing an amazing concert and countless people peacefully watching. We all looked at each other, and without saying a word, we just nodded, put away our weapons, and listened. It was a breathtaking evening.
— A guard sent to the concert
  As soon as the sun sat behind the mountains, Mica started playing in the harbour. Her music echoed over the water and quickly, the harbour settled down and became quiet. People stopped what they were doing and listened. The harbour of Okodranous never sleeps, but during this night, it stood still. The news of this event spread throughout the city, and more and more people came to the harbour to listen to Mica's music. In the end, thousands of people came together that night.  
Music and Lyrics by Satrium. Vocals by Diane Morrison

A hint of rebellion

And then we can all, whoever we are,
become the very best, what we're all meant to be,
Uniqueness is our strength, no matter what they say
And it will be the path, to a brighter day.
  During the months following Mica's concert, critical voices around the city became louder and louder. Mica and her music inspired people, and she started something she could no longer control.   After hundreds of years of inequality growing in Okodranous, the less fortunate people finally had enough. They no longer wanted to watch the rich and powerful living in their mansions and estates, not having to work a day in their lives. They no longer wanted to work day in and out, and just barely being able to scrape by every single day.  
Somewhere in the city, the spirit of rebellion is growing, and only the future might tell what happens next.
Work in Progress

This article is still heavily WIP and can change at any moment

Current Location
Date of Birth
3rd of Duskfall
Year of Birth
868 29 Years old
Known Languages
The Golden Tongue and Abonarian

Many Plane Touched have magical abilities, but I've never seen you do any magic?

Mica: Yeah, I can't cast any magic. The only "magical" thing I have is my music. But if you think about it, music by itself is magical, right? It can paint images in your mind, heal old wounds deep inside of you, and create this magical atmosphere when you are listening to it. But actual magic? No, you'll have to talk to Valryn about that.
Valryn: I'm not too sure about the "Not having any magic part". Magic can show itself in countless ways!

Who created that guitar? And could I get one myself?

Mica: *laughs*, sadly no, this is one of a kind. Valryn made it for me for my 18th birthday. He is really talented with magic! All this fancy light and illusions during my performances? That’s all him! I couldn’t do this without his help!

People have been talking about you and the Mortal's Society, any comment on that?

Mica: Ohh, the society? I've seen their posters countless times, but no, I have nothing to do with them. I guess I see why people would think that, though. I'm not a faithful person. The gods never did anything for me. If you find peace in praying to them, I won't stop you, but I think if we really want to change something, we'll have to do it ourselves.

There are a lot of rich people who really don't like what you are doing. Are you worried they might eventually take more drastic measures?

Mica: I'm not too worried about them. They can't even get their fat ass out of their enormous mansions! *grins* But seriously, they always tried to undermine what I was doing, but they never did - and I don’t think they ever will do- anything drastic against me, except for a smear campaign here or there and I can deal with that!

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