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Hey, I've lived in Asolios all my life, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride. There's always something going on, you know? But it's not all sunshine and rainbows, either. You gotta watch your back in this city, especially in Lowtown. But if you're smart and lucky, you can make a name for yourself. I've seen people go from rags to riches, or discover they've got some crazy magical powers at the Academy. Anything can happen in Asolios, you know what I mean?
— A citizen of Asolios
  Asolios is by far the biggest city of the continent and the capital of the Kingdom of Abonaria. It's home to the Academy of Arcane Arts, the most famous place to study the Arcane Arts, the seat of the King of Abonaria and the home of the Church of Lekeria. It's split into several different districts, and each of them has their own unique character and atmosphere - from the Opulance of the Royal Quarter to the rough and dangerous streets of Lowtown.

Infrastructure & Technology

Asolios is a melting pot of countless different cultures and peoples, and a hub for technology and inovation. In the year 836 MOR, Coddic, a tinkerer from Mora developed the first steam powered engine, and together with the city of Asolios they built the first rail way connecting the two cities.   Today Asolios is the only city on the continent with a funtional public transit system based on steam powered trains. The trainline has been continued towards Platos and two more train lines to Oistinis and Okodranous are under construction.   Recently, the Academy of Arcane Arts incorporated the technological advancements of the city, and combined it with their knowledge of the Arcana Arts. They developed various automatons and other forms of automation for factories and manufacturers, greatly increasing their productivity and cementing their status as a powerful and influential instituation in the kingdom.  

Districts & Architecture

Asolios is well known for its diverse and utalitarian architecture. The city was founded shortly after the War of Fate, only 900 years ago after the Silver-Heart-Bastion was destroyed, and quickly grew into the largest city of the continent. This explosive growth, means that today the city is a scatterpatch of new and old buildings, and architectural styles from all over the continent and beyond.  
The Royal Quarter

This is the wealthiest and most fashionable distrcit of Asolios. It is known for its grand mansions, lavish gardens and opulent shops. It's home to the most wealthy and influential citizens, and the seat of the King of Abonaria.


This is the poorest and most crowded district in the city. It's a rough and dangerous area, with high rates of crime and poverty. Many of the workers within the city live in cramped and dirty conditions, and only make enough to live day by day.

Arcana District

The Arcana District is dominated by the Academy of Arcane Arts, the most famous place to study the Arcane Arts on the entire continent. It is a hub of learning and intellectual persuit, with numerous libraries, laboratories and lecture halls. It's also the home of many of the most powerful mages within the kingdom, who advice and guide the king.

The Holy Ward

Home to the Church of Lekeria, the most influencial religious organization in the north of Teldora, this is a center of the religious and cultural guidance. Countless temples, shrines and monestaries exist within the Holy Ward and provide advice and council to the citizens and the king himself.

Waterside Hills

This district is the center of Asolios' nightlife, with numerous bars, restaurants, theaters, and other places of entertainment - at least for the more wealthy citizens. It is a lively and energetic area, popular with tourists and young people. Behind the facade of high class establishments, you can also find more direputable establishments, such as gambling dens and brothels.

West Yard

When the first train line was built, connecting Asolios with Mora, a hub of industry and commerce sprawled around the new train station. Numerous warehouse, cargo depots and other businesses were created in its vicinity and are now the commercial hub of the city.

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