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Krades is one of the worst places on the entire continent! Don't even think about going there, young man! Do you want a dagger in your chest? Or a blade in your guts? Maybe you just want your last coin to get stolen while they beat you up in a side street and leave you in the gutter? Krades is no place for ordinary people. It's a lawless city, ruled by criminals. Either you can protect yourself, or you'll probably not survive.
  Krades is a city state on the western coast of Teldora. It's far enough away from the beaten path to be of not much interest to the surrounding countries. Over time, it developed into a place for everyone who is not welcomed in any country, and it became a safe harbour for criminals and other shady people.

Laws & Politics

Krades does not have a formal government, or any other institution of authority. There are no laws, except for the law of the survivor. Either you can protect yourself, or you find people who can protect you. The city is split into countless districts and neighborhoods, all ruled by a different organisation or syndicate. Some of these organisations might provide services, like safety, to their district, but only for a price.  

Trade & Relations

While nobody wants to admit it, everybody in power profits from the illegal activities of Krades. If you have enough money, there is nothing you can't acquire within the city. No matter if you need illegal substances, a way to publicly ruin your political opponent or even let them disappear completly, you can find something or someone in Krades who can help you with that. Because of that, the Meisian Empire usually just ignores the existence of the city.  

Military & Defenses

As there is no central government, there also is no military to speak of. But this should not fool you. If the city is threatened, it's in common interest to all the organisations within the city to protect it, and they will. Each organisation by itself might not be a threat to any outside power, but together, they can repel any force thrown at them. Additionally, their location at the end of a long bay makes it easy to protect the city by blockading the bay.
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