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Viper's Isle

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Viper's Isle is the second biggest island near the The Golden Coast. It's filled with dense humid jungle and inhabitated by many tribes of Serpentfolk. For the longest time, it has been secluded from the rest of the world and developed their own monstrous culture. Towards the end of the , Protreni established an outpost on the island, to trade with the natives.   This outpost has been rebuild after the War of Fate and maintained since. The Serpentfolk trades exotic plants and animals for supplies, weapons and jewellery. The plants traded here, are highly sought after and are used in medicine and tinxtures all over the world. This is a highly profitable trade for Protreni, as the locals are not fully aware of the worth of their goods.  

The People

Of course you can trade with them, but that's about it! They have a savage culture, where only the strong survive, not the kind. If you have something they want, they will trade with you. If you don't, better get the hell out of there!
— A Trader from Protreni
The island is inhabitated by multiple tribes of Serpentfolk. They developed a culture based on strength and bloodline and only have minimal amounts of contact to other races. From time to time individuals leave this cultre, especially those who do not fit in. They flee from opression and exploitation to seek their fortune somewhere else.
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