The Eternal Reef

We didn't just lose a princess today. We lost a leader, a musician, a hero - a daughter. We've lost so much in this war already, and if we don't protect ourselves, we will lose everything. She always believed in the good of people, and she fought for everyone - not just us, but we can't continue fighting like this without her.
— King Khyat
  The Eternal Reef is a magnificent underwater site, with vibrant coral formations, sparkling gemstones and beautiful flowers. Built on top of a small hill, it serves as the last resting place of Princess Lusiana of Anthinea. The entire area is surrounded by schools of brightly colored fish, lending an otherworldly quality to the scene.   In order to safeguard this place, King Khyat enlisted the aid of a celestial being and bound them to the location. Waiting in an eternal bubble of time, they shall awaken in the event anybody attempts to desecrate the last resting place of his daughter. Additionally, the King infused the gems surrounding the tomb with memories of his daughter and their people, in order to preserve her legacy for eternity.  


The Princess
As you look into the gem, a memory unfolds....
You find yourself in a magnificent hall underwater, more beautiful than any place you have ever visited. Gems, pearls, coral and colorful plants line the walls and a throne of pure silver and gold sits at the end of the room. The entire room is filled with people, as you witness a graceful Triton woman dressed in royal attire enter the room. She sits down on the throne and the people start coming forward to her.   She listens attentively as each person presents their case and offers wise and just judgements. Her voice is powerful and confident, yet also gentle and compassionate, and it fills the room with a sense of peace. The people in the audience seem grateful for her kindness.
The Lover
As you look into the gem, a memory unfolds....
You find yourself on a beach of white sand, stretching nearly endlessly along the coast. As the sun sets over the ocean, you witness a beautiful Triton woman emerge from the waves. She walk towards a lone elven figure standing on the beach and embraces them deeply. They sit down and talk for hours, lost in each other's company. As the night grows darker, they kiss goodbye, promising to meet again soon. It's clear that their connection is deep, transcending any differences they might have.
The Fighter
As you look into the gem, a memory unfolds....
The sound of battle echoes through the underwater caverns, as a young Triton leads a regiment of her people into battle. She's at the very front of the fray, wielding her magic with incredible skill and precision.   As the enemy forces approach, she raises her hand, and a wall of water rises up, blocking their path. Simultaneously she unleashes a powerful blast of energy, taking out several enemies in a single strike. Her movements are graceful and effortless, as if she were dancing rather than fighting.   The battle rages on, but this woman seems to be everywhere at once, defending her people and attacking her enemies. Her magic is like a force of nature - unstoppable and fierce. The enemies are no match for her, and quickly begin to retreat.   As she turns to leave, you see the scars on her arms and face, evidence of the battles she's fought in the past. Her face shows a mix of sadness and determination. The face of a leader who knows that there will be more battles to come.
The Musician
As you look into the gem, a memory unfolds....
As you swim through a forest of sea grass, you hear a beautiful melody in the distance. You follow the sound, and soon you see a Triton woman standing in a clearing. She is bathed in moonlight breaking through the surface of the ocean above.   She is singing, her voice so clear and pure that it sends shivers down your spine. The melody is hauntingly beautiful and seems to fill the surrounding ocean. While you stand there, listening to her song, it's as if time stands still. The ocean is silent, and all you can hear is her voice. As she finishes her song, you see a tear in her eye.
The Hero
As you look into the gem, a memory unfolds....
You see, the same Triton woman standing at the front line of a battle, her magic whirling around her as she faces off against the enemy forces. But despite her best efforts, you notice her attack becoming weaker, and her movements more sluggish. You can see the exhaustion creeping in, and she knows that she can't keep up this pace much longer.   But the enemy forces are merciless and just keep coming. The Tritons start to retreat, and she is covering their escape, using her magic to hold off the enemy soldiers. As the situation becomes more and more hopeless, suddenly her expression shifts. She takes a deep breath, and the fear on her face is replaced with pure dedication. She shouts some last commands and encouragement to her people, turns around and walks right towards the enemy.   She knows she is fighting a losing battle, but she fights with everything she has. Her magic swirls around her, taking out enemy after enemy, and getting more and more distance between them and her people. Finally, she's surrounded, and she turns around, watching her people escape as she is struck down and falls.
The Legend
As you look into the gem, a memory unfolds....
You find yourself in the exact same location you were standing in just a moment ago, but at a different time. You look around to see thousands of Triton people surrounding this hill, watching a ceremony take place. On the top of the hill, you see the coffin out of pure glass, and inside, the body of a Triton woman is laid to rest.   One sole Triton stands at the head of the coffin, his face etched with grief, speaking about the bravery and heroics of the person laid to rest here. As the ceremony comes to a close, he chants a powerful enchantment, binding a being of pure good to this place, to protect it for eternity. The being glows with a bright light, and its energy spreads throughout the area, forming a barrier of protection around the hill.   "This war has only brought us death and sadness, and if we don't look out for ourselves, it will bring our end. So many of our people have fallen already, and now my daughter fell for us. It's time we protect ourselves!"   As the last words are spoken and the ritual is complete, the Triton steps forwards and places a hand on the coffin, whispering a last goodbye. For the next couple hours, thousands of people swim forward to the coffin, paying their final respects to their princess.   The scene shifts, as you see incredible underwater cities and settlements vanish right in front of your eyes.


Lusiana lived during the end of the Age of Arcanum and experienced the War of Fate. She was considered one of the most skilled mages of her time, and heir to the throne of Anthinea.   She built and nourished countless political connections to the people of the Golden Coast, and fostered the exchange of goods, art and knowledge between the peoples. When the War of Fate broke out, she was one of the first to rally people behind her to fight.   For months and years, she led the Triton people into battle after battle - some to protect their own settlements, others to protect the people from the land. Her magic brought many victories, and she was considered a hero - not only to her own people.   But countless battles took their toll, and the enemy only grew stronger as the war went on. One desperate day, she and her forces got ambushed and overrun. When everything seemed hopeless, she stepped forward and held back the enemies just long enough for her people to escape. Anthinea lost an outstanding leader, a powerful mage and a hero that day.   After her death, the Triton people secluded themselves from the people above the waves. They returned to their settlements, fighting their own battles. When the dust settled after the war, there was no trace left of the once great kingdom of Anthinea. Their people and their settlements vanished without a trace.
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Lusiana by Midjourney
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