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War of Fate

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The End of an Era and nearly the End of the World

Recordings of the War of Fate are rare at best, and contradictory at worse. Records don't seem to agree on anything during that time. Some are talking about centuries of war, other just of a few years. Even people who have been alive during that time, report different events! The only thing we know for sure, is that this war has nearly wiped out all life. We are currently estimating that only one out of every five mortals have survived this war.
Order of Chronicles

The Conflict


During the Age of Arcanum, civilisation thrived. Many great empires rose to a level that has never been reached since. Mages unlocked the secrets of the universe and created powerful spells and artefacts, while gods walked among the mortals. But this all ended when the gods fought each other. In the beginning, only the two siblings Izral and Ashryn were involved, but quickly other entities took their chance and joined the fight.   Within a couple months, gods, dragons, ancient beings and primordial forces of nature wrecked havoc on Lothrea. This was the darkest times, this world ever had to face.


This war was as chaotic as it was destructive. Alliances shifted regularly, and there was not much Mortals could do. They searched for refuge in the few bastions of civilisations that survived, hoping that their gods could protect them. Some factions used the chaos for their own gain, others tried to save as much as they could. But, like everything else during this time frame, information and facts are contradictory and nobody knows what exactly happened.


Countless battles have been fought, all over the World. Some continents like Dorovari got nearly completly destroyed, while others like Teldora got away a bit better. There are some notable battles that have happened during that time.  
The Doom of Murokai

During the War, the Kingdoms in the South of Teldora, banded together to form the Meisian Dynasty. But one of those kingdoms, worked against the others, and got completly destroyed in the process. Some people think, this was the wraith of Mialdir, the patreon god of the new Empire, other's just think it was bad luck during the worst war in history. Anyway, today there is nothing left of the Kingdom of Murokai.

The Destruction of Kolgrum

Kolgrum was once the capital of the big Dwarfen Empire in the Snowy Mountains. Located at the northernmost point of the mountain range, they felt save from any attacks. The sea in the north and the big mountain range in the south, providing natural protection to the empire. But they did not think about the endless caves and tunnels leading through the mountain and got ambushed by Darkelves, attacking from beneath. It only took one fateful night and the city fell with no Survivors.

The Siege of the Silver-Hearth-Bastion
This is often cited as one of the last battles of the war. When everything seemed lost, the whole Lekerian Empire withdraw to their capital, the biggest city that has ever existed on the continent of Teldora. The Siege lasted for months, maybe even years, till the city finally fell. Many Heroes and Gods fought in this last battle and their magic destroyed big parts of the city. It even damaged the Weave of Magic itself and so parts of the city seem to be frozen in time now. The clashing of weapons from an endless battle is still echoing over the Silver Lake, while sailors passing by the city describe buildings beeing frozen mid collapse. Recently people started exploring the ruins of the city again, but most of them did not return.


So how did this war end? The thing is, nobody really knows. For most people, it was just over from one day to the other. Many theories have formed about what has happened and many people pick and choose from those theories to form their own story about the events.
Mutal Annihilation

When two unstoppable forces collide, eventually both will be destroyed. But not all divine influence is gone, so did they really kill each other, or are they just near dead and recovering?

Time Displacement

It's not over, but some of the entities got displaced in time. They will return to Lothrea in the future and the remaining entities are just silently watching, waiting and recovering.

The Big Sacrifice

A god sacrificed themselves, banishing all the other Gods and entities back to the outer planes. But which god did this?

The Heroes

Many people have claimed to have saved the world. Some have even claimed to have killed a god with their own hands. Others have claimed to have pushed away the outer planes, forcing the gods to leave Lothrea or die on this plane. But what did they really do? Did they actually do anything? Or are they all just lying, looking for fame?

An Oath of Peace

Noone could destroy each other, so they made peace. But how fragile is this peace? How long does the Oath hold? Is it actually a binding thing, or could the Gods come back at any moment, to continue their fight? And who could even enforce an oath between Gods?


A lot of things happened, and Lothrea will never be the same. Many empires fell, many cities got destroyed and many lives were lost. Even the world itself and its landscape got changed by this conflict.
  • The gods have vanished and their current state or location are mostly unknown or speculative. Their influence is still notable, but very weak.
  • The connection between the Inner- and Outer Planes got severely weakened. Currently, there is no known way to travel between them, and no God or other inhabitant of the outer planes has been spotted on the Material Plane since.
  But the end of this horrible war was also the dawn of a new era. An Era of rebuilding and recovery, but most importantly, an Era of Mortals not Gods.
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Age of Mortals
(897 years ago)
Gods fought against Gods, and we Mortals were cought between them. The Greed of few, brought disaster to many. Their Greed destroyed the balance of this world and costed an uncountable number of lives. We need to make sure, that something like this can never happen again. Never again can the Darkness destroy the Light, or the Light destroy the Darkness. This world is built on a fragile balance, and we all witnessed what happens if this balance is destroyed
— Unknown

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