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As you swim deeper into the ocean, the darkness of the depths begins to envelop you. Suddenly, you see a faint shimmer in front of you. The closer you get, the more the light brightens and shimmers, revealing that you have reached the illusinary wards of Iriserend.   As you swim through the wards, your are immediately struck by the vibrant and stunning city that lies before you. The towering spires and glittering domes of the city come into view, revealing a metropolis that seems almost too wonderous to be real.   The intricate details of the buildings, with ornate carvings and delicate arches, combined with vibrant illusions and lights, show the sheer amount of magic that lies before you. You can hear music and laughter of a metropolis bustling with life and energy, and the hum of magic permeates every corner of the city.   Welcome to Iriserend, the capital of Anthinea, the home to the Tritons of the Golden Sea - a city that has been forgotten for nearly a millenia.
  Nestled within the depths of the ocean, the city of Iriserend is a hidden gem, known only to a select few on the surface world. It's the capital of a civilisation of Triton with a natural gift for magic, who made this settlement a place of wonder and enchantment.   The city is hidden by powerful illusion spells, which keep it hidden from outsiders and allow it to remain a peaceful and secluded haven. Still Irsierend is a bustling and vibrant metropolis, filled with music, art, sports and other cultural pursuits.  


The architecture of Iriserend is truly unique. The city's building are constructed from a mixture of coral, shell, sandstonde and sea glass, giving them a distinctly organic feel. The structures are often adorned with intricate carvings, decorative flourishes and infused with countless pearls and gems.   Illusion magic is infused deep into the structures. The city's builders have used their mastery of magic to create buildings that appear to be far larger and more impressive than they actually are. This makes the city seem even grander than it actually is. Illusions are also used to create the impression of sunlight filtering down from the surface, giving the city a warm, welcoming glow even in the depths of the ocean.   With the ability to move easily in three dimensions underwater, the city's architects have taken full advantage of this freedom to create tall and imposing structures. Towers and spires rise from the ocean floor, each one intricately decorated and covered in sheering sea life.  

Major Districts

Pearl District

This district is known for its stunning architecture and opulent mansions, each one more lavish than the last. The Pearl District is home to the wealthiest and most powerful families of the cities. It is known for its decadent parties and incredible events around the Castle of Coral

Seaflower Quarters

This district is known for its vibrant nightlife, with dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants. When the other parts of the city calm down for the evening, the quarters just get started, with music coming from each corner and magical lights filling every street.

Mystic Boroughs

The heart and soul of the city is the center of magic, learning, and discovery. The Mystic Boroughs are home to countless magical workshops, libraries and laboratories, where mages can experiment with new spells and magical items. Powerful enchantments and illusions protect the district, and it would be the last district standing should Irisirend ever be threatened.


Notable Locations

Crafter & Artisans

Temples & Shrines
Military & Government


The history of Iriserend stretches back thousands of years, deep into the Age of Arcanum, to a time when the Tritons were just discovering the secret of magic. Over the centuries and eons, the city grew and flourished, its inhabitants perfecting their mastery of magic and creating a vibrant, thriving gem beneath the waves.   However, this idyllic existence got shattered almost 900 years ago, when the War of Fate ravaged the world. The very fabric of reality was torn apart, and entire civilizations were destroyed in the chaos. In the beginning, the Tritons fought alongside the surface world, but quickly the war became more desperate and hopeless. Rifts in space and time opened up across the realm, and even the fundamental laws of the world started to break and shift.   Ultimately, the Tritons made the hard decision to seal themselves off from the outside world in order to protect themselves. They used their powerful magic to create illusions and wards to shield the city from detection and to keep it hidden from prying eyes. For almost nine centuries, Iriserend and the other Triton settlements remained isolated, a self-contained world of beauty and magic hidden away from the surface world.
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