Triton are a humanoid race living below the surface of the seas, perfectly adapted to living under water. During the Age of Arcanum many under water settlements existed, and the inhabitants of those settlements often traded with the people on land. During the War of Fate, they retreated to their cities, in order to defend them and nobody has seen them since for over 900 years.  


Tritons are humanoid creatures, distinctly different to most others. They are adapted to the life in the depths of the sea. Their skin and scale color can range from simple blue and green tones all the way to vibrant red, purple or yellow colors. Their hands and feet are webbed, and minor fins run along their arms and legs. They are usually shorter than humans, averaging at around 1.5m (5 feet) tall.   Tritons can breathe both air and water, have superior vision both in the dark and under water. They have a very close connection with the wild life of the sea and possess minor abilities to communicate with it. Additionally, They have an innate magical ability, most often manifesting in the control of water and creation of illusions.
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