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Golden Sea

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The Golden Sea is on the Eastcoast of Teldora, and describes a part of the greater Misty Waters. It contains countless small and big islands, and is very important for the trade on Teldora, as the biggest trading cities are seated at the Golden Coast. The Golden Sea connects through the Arm of Torrus to the north, while in the south it borders the Ferozabay, which in turn gives access to the remaining continent.   The Golden Sea is know for it's beautiful coasts and warm weather, but it's also know for its dense fog and heavy rainfall. Sailing the sea is often very dangerous, as the weather changes quickly and the storms in this region can be incredibly harsh. Many ships sank near countless riffs and other rock formations. Still, because of its position relative to other important cities and settlements on the continent, this area is vital for the trade on the whole continent.
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The Golden Coast
The Golden Coast is a narrow strip of land wedged between the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Golden Sea. It ranges from the Arm of Torrus in the north, all the way down to the Ferozabay in the south. It is mostly controlled by the Confederation of the Golden Coast, which consists of the four major cities in the region Okodranous, Prevena, Protreni and Lirca and a couple of island nations.  
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