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The smell of progress and advancement - this is the place where new discoveries are made. You will find all kinds of amazing people here, tinkering around on their own projects. From automatons, to steam engines, over prothetics to Magamantine technology. This is a hub of innovation, and it's my home.
  Just a couple hundred years ago, when the industry within the city took off, a new district was formed by the city. The heavy industry got more and more noisy, dirty and dangerous, and therefor no longer fit within the city. The new district moved this kind of industry into its own area, to reduce the noise and pollution in they city itself.   Within just a couple hundred years, this district grew massively, and countless companies settled within it. Even if trade still is the primary source of income within the city, the industry has become a second major source of revenue by now. Some entrepreneurs count to the most influential and wealthy people of the city today, and challenge the old power structure more and more.
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