Session 1: A new Journey

Call of the Deep

3rd of Dustwind 897 - 6th of Dustwind 897

Meko Bakvog
Davis Reed
Luna Luccino
Luvock Tigrane


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Session Date: 03 Jan 2022
The five characters all signed up for a mission to the Burning Isles. After getting their own things ready, they headed out on The Voyage and got attacked by Captain Callous a few hours after leaving port. They fought back the attack, letting the pirates run away.
Over the course of the next two days, they noticed a member of the crew, Quara Alassandar, spying on Davis Reed and staged a little show to figure out his motives.


After taking care of their own business, grabbing their stuff, everybody headed out to the harbour. Slowly, one after the other, they arrived at The Voyage, the ship that will take them to the Burning Isles. Just a couple minutes later, the crew finished loading the ship, and the journey began.   After leaving port, Captain Arveen Greysail and Stor Hornraven a messager from the Burning Isles approached the group and told them all the information the two of them had concerning the mission. A ship crashed on the west coast of Korgutar. They sent an exploration group, but they did not return. Whatever happened there, someone has to investigate, and that's where the group comes in.   Six hours after leaving the port, while Davis was still looking back at the city on the horizon, a ship with completely black sails approached the Voyage. Minutes later, the The Devil's Fin crashed into the Voyage. Without too much issue, the group and the crew repelled Captain Callous' attack and let them flee, but not before Luvock fell unconscious.   As a parting gift, Davis threw a torch hard enough to kill one pirate and sever various ropes at the sails. Anabella used her healing abilities to save Luvock and then took care of some funeral rites for the only pirate that died on the Voyage before he was thrown overboard.   Seeing Davis kill a man with a torch, the group started investigating his abilities, but could not really figure out much, except for "This is strange", and after taking care of their wounds, the journey continued.   Over the course of the next two days, both Anabella and Davis noticed Quara, an adventurer who joined them on this mission, spying on Davis. With no information to go by, they decided to just inform the others and wait.   Not quite getting the "do nothing and just wait!" memo, Luna took things into her own hands. In the afternoon, while eating with the crew, she started to loudly tell stories about her exploits and experiences within the High Society of Okodranous, mentioning multiple important families. Reading Quara's surface thoughts, she figured out that he recognizes most of the names she mentions, but seems to react to the Reed family the most.

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