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Call of the Deep

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The Golden Coast always was notorious for their pirates and smugglers, and everyone learnt to deal with that. But a few weeks ago, something has changed. Attacks have started to become more and more coordinated, and the underground once again is talking about the "Lord of the Sea", a notorious pirate Lord, who had united the pirate factions many centuries ago and wracked havoc along the Coast.

To make matters worse, rumours of a strange and otherworldly ship that crashed on an island nearby have reached Okodranous. Stories of unholy monsters, and abnormal creatures climbing out of the wrack and disappearing into the depths of the sea.

Something weird is going on along the Golden Coast, and the Confederation has become worried. Someone has to find out what is going on, and they will have to do this quickly, before it can no longer be stopped.

Over the course of this campaign, you will explore strange incidents along the Golden Coast and try to puzzle together what is going on. You will build your own establishment and organization - getting tangled up in intrigue and politics with other factions around you. You will make allies to fight alongside you, and you will make enemies who will try to undermine and destroy everything you have built. In the end, you will have to face whatever lurks out there, alone or with the allies you've made.
  • Naval Exploration & Combat
  • Urban Factions & Intrigue
  • A bit of eldritch horror

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