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This article is depicting a potential future of this world. Some events in here might not have happened yet and will be changed by the actions of the players involved in this world. Until these campaigns have concluded, this article will exist in a superposition between existance and non-existance.   Some version of this article will survive, but who knows what it will be when all of this is over
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Chapter 1: The Burning Isles

The group was hired to investigate a strange shipwreck that crashed on the Burning Isles. They found an alien vessel apparently belonging to an extra terrestrial species, the Illithid.   They headed down into the Mines of Madness where one of these creatures nearly killed them all. Following the trail of a bunch of Sahuagin, who apparently now worship these Illithid, the group dove to the wreck Wreck of the Golden Crown and took care of the Sahuagin who set up their home base within the wreck, and freed Ekios Emron an undead mage trapped on the ship since it sank.   After reporting back to the people in charge, they made their way back to Okodranous hoping to convince the powerful people of the city to take the threat they've found seriously and send help to the Burning Isles.

Chapter 2: Factions & Politics

Back in Okodranous, the Party got cought up between the political factions of the city. While the Party only wanted to get help to deal with the problems they found on the Burning Isles, everybody in the city seems to have their own agenda and goals. While they got offered from multiple factions like the Morris Family and the Tinkerer's Society, ultimatly they aligned themselves with the Reed Family of the Shadowcliff and set up base within the district.   Meko's recent past quickly cought up with him as soon as he set foot into the city again. Before he left, he engaged the Molluscan League in search of an artifact from his home, and the league struck back. At least they tried. Ultimatly the Party got a meeting with the leaders of the league, and Meko got the artefact back for just a favour in return.   After a pirate attack on the city, the group got a meeting with the Council of Thirteen and presented their findings. While the council refused to akt immidiatly without any concrete plans, multiple of its members offered missions to the group, which they all accepted. Heading out on The Voyage, their next destinations include the Scattered and the Burning Isles.

Chapter 3: Pirates and the Open Sea


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