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Shadowcliff is probably the weirdest of the districts of Okodranous. It's built right into the face of the cliff, and stretches deep into it. The houses directly on the cliff side belong to the rich and wealthy - probably the most beautiful houses you can find in the entire city, with an amazing view onto the bay. But as soon as you head deeper, the district becomes poorer and poorer.

Shadowcliff itself is a city within the city. The city watch has stopped caring for this district, so we had to take care of ourselves. This district needs someone to keep the order. Someone who makes the rules and enforces them. Someone like us.
Russel Reed


Shadowcliff is split into two major parts. The surface with houses that have direct access to the outside, and the depths which have been driven deep into the rock. The Surface belongs to the rich and wealthy, while the depths are kept to themselves and contain the poorest parts of the city. The entire district is a network of interwoven tunnels and passages that create a big, confusing labyrinth. If you don't know your way around, it's incredibly easy to get lost down there.  
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Shadowcliff always was a place for criminals and other shady business. In the beginning the City Watch tried to keep the peace, but with the amount of interwoven tunnels, it was nearly impossible to catch someone who knew their way around. After a while, the City Watch gave up, and nearly fully retreated out of the district. Today, their present is only symbolic, if at all.   The peace down there is kept by a few powerful families, who enforce their own laws with mercenaries and a lot of money. If you mess with the family that's active in your part of the district, shops will stop selling to you, taverns and inns will stop serving you, and at some point, if you push it far enough, some mercenary will show up at your doorstep and beat you up.  
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