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I honestly don't know how to describe this place. It's a temple, but I guess you could also call it a park, or tavern, or bar, or nightclub. It's all of that and neither. But let me tell you it's one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.
— A traveler in Okodranous
  In the shadows of Tria's Light, there is another beautiful place in the Skyward of Okodranous. It's a template to the goddesses Zethris and Ashryn. A place of nature and celebration alike.   The Celestial Garden is not only a beautiful oasis of nature within the city, but also one of the most popular taverns. Under countless trees and between gorgous flowers, the priests of Ashryn built a place of music and celebration. No matter which time of day or night, various stands within the gardens serve food and drinks for a very affordable price.  


Nearly 800 years ago, the priests of Zethris planted a garden in her honor, right in one of the biggest metroplis of the continent. Filled with countless local and foreign plants and wildlife, this place is an oasis of nature within the busy city.   Just a couple years later the temple of Ashryn burned down in a fire that destroyed big parts of the city. Zethris offered the priests a temporary place to stay until they could rebuild their temple. The priests of Ashryn set up a temporary temple within the garden and started to serve food and drinks to pay for building a new permanent temple.   Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years, but this new temple was never built. People enjoyed the lively athmosphere of Ashryn within the beauty of Zethris' work and the garden slowly turned into a temple for both of them.
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This article is a very rough and quick draft of this place. Just enough to hand it in for the Tavern challenge and get that fancy badge.
I will definetly come back to this article and update it after the challenge is over.

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Mar 26, 2022 02:31 by Michael Chandra

I'd love to see this article in more detail later, because gardens are lovely, so to have them serve as both temple and tavern sounds utterly amazing.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Apr 3, 2022 12:16

Thank you! For now, it's just a very basic idea, but I will definitely expand on it soon, when I get the time.

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Mar 29, 2022 15:10 by Bob O'Brien

I see you managed to get your "minimal article" in! I know from talking to you that this is unfinished, but you're off to a great start in describing an interesting place!

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Yes, I luckily got a basic article in just for the badge! Now it's time to expand on it

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Mar 29, 2022 17:27

Short and sweet, and the unique combination of a temple of worship, and an imprompty tavern is a cool idea born out of necessity for the priests. I like that quite a bit.

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Apr 3, 2022 12:19

Thank you! It took me a while to get an idea for my tavern, and I had very little time during the challenge, but I'm quite happy with this initial idea and will definetly expand on it now.

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I like the history, but I wish you had had a chance to add more during the competition. Good job on this being a rough draft though, as it at least looks proof read significantly more than my drafts usually are,, in addition to being intriguing.

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Thank you! Honestly, even if this is just a rough draft, I polished it more than what I'd usually do, because it's still a challenge entry. Usually nobody would be able to able to even understand anything in my rough drafts ;D   But I will have to expand on it now after the challenge.

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Mar 30, 2022 00:20 by E. Christopher Clark

I love the idea of a tavern in a garden. It reminds me of evenings I went to the Boston Public Library or the local Art Museum and had drinks in their courtyards with friends.   Kudos on getting an article done for the challenge, even with everything else you had going on—and a great start to an article indeed!

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Apr 3, 2022 12:25

Thanks! I really love the idea of having a tavern within a garden, and there are a couple places like that near where I live. That's where this inspiration came from originally.

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Mar 30, 2022 22:21 by Secere Laetes

The article is really already promising. I like the idea that a previous offer of help from one priesthood to another has become something significantly nicer than it was before. A win-win situation, so to speak. I can see that happening, though. Music and good food, etc. in beautiful parks is just something great. Now another mild summer night or a beautiful evening ... . I'm curious how it goes on ^^.

Apr 3, 2022 12:28

Yes! I love a beautiful mild summer night in a garden, with some friends and a couple of drinks. That's where this initial idea came from.   I will definitely expand on this article now that the challenge is over.   Thanks for your comment!

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