Tria's Light

If you ever get the chance to visit Okodranous, you just have to visit Tria's Light. It's the biggest temple to Tria you will find on the entire continent, and honestly, just the view you get from there is nothing short than breathtaking. Standing on top of that cliff, looking down at the busy city of Okodranous, while the full moon stands over you, is already pretty enough, but when all the forests along the coast start to glow in this slight blueish light, the whole region becomes magical.

Purpose / Function

Tria's Light is not only a temple to the goddess of the moon, but it is the lighthouse of the big trading city Okodranous. For ages, the light of Tria has guided ships safely into the harbour of the city, while the priests of the moon provide travelers and citizens alike with healing and council. The temple welcomes everybody, no matter who they are or where they come from.   As a temple to the goddess of healing, Tria's Light is the destination of many pilgrims suffering from diseases or other injuries. They come here hoping for healing and recovery, and most of the time they find what they seek. The temple has researched medicine and herbalism for aeons. They kept this knowledge up to the present day and even if it reaches its end, the magic and healing of Tria is freely given to everybody who asks.   Once a year during the Night of the Moon Festival, the temple is home to the big climax of the Festival. One priest is chosen for a prophetic ritual. They take an overdose of Ambrosia Fungi, endanger their own life and enter a comatose state most people never fully recover from. But during this ritual, their connection to Tria is stronger than ever, and the prophecies and vision they get during that time prove highly accurate in predicting the future.


The temple is built on top of a cliff and sits above the city of Okodranous. A big white tower rises about 30 meters (100 feet) into the sky. It's decorated with simple, but beautiful carvings - pictures of the stories and myths surrounding the goddess. From time to time, little crystals are embedded into those carvings, sparkling like stars when hit by moonlight.   At the top of the tower is a big magical light. In the night it looks nearly like a second moon in the sky. Even a hundred kilometers away, the light is still visible and guides ships into the port of Okodranous even under the harshest circumstances.


Tria's Light, was one of the first structures built in Okodranous after its founding. The waters near the coast of Okodranous are shallow and ships risk running aground, so a lighthouse was desperatly needed. Back then, it was not yet a temple to Tria, but just a lighthouse with a simple fire at the top. It was maintained by a small group of merchants, until Tria claimed the lighthouse as her temple.  
One fateful night, thick fog came from the sea - fog thick enough that you could barely see your own hand in front of your eyes. We had been sailing for months, and our supplies were running low, so everyone was looking forward to being back on shore again.   But in this fog, there was no way we could safely manouver into the harbour. We coudn't even see the lighthouse! Usually this would not have been much of a problem, we could just have waited till the fog cleared. This time we coudn't. Just a few days ago, our captain cought a fever and no matter what we did, nothing seemed to help. He was looking rougher and rougher by the hour.   So we did not have much of a choice, we had to try to find our way through this fog. Just navigating to the best of our abilites with an compass and a map, and no landmark to guide us. We tried our best and prayed to every god and other powerful being we could think of for help and Tria heard our prayers.   Shortly before we had to give up, her bright light broke through the fog as she claimed the lighthouse as her temple. Since then, no matter how harsh the weather, or how dark the night, her light will guide every ship safely into the harbour of Okodranous.
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