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Night of the Moon Festival

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Tria is our light even in darkest night. She guides us through this world, and helps us with her magic and healing. She teaches us, that there is light in every darkness. And to remind us of that, she created the Ambrosia Fungi to be our light, even when the moon is gone. During this night, we celebrate her giving us hope and light.
Allesandra - priest of Tria
  During the Winter Solstice, you can witness one of the most beautiful things nature has come up with. All the Ambrosia Fungi along the Golden Coast release their Spores all at once, filling the whole area with glowing little lights. During this night, the Golden Coast celebrates the most important festival of Tria, the Night of the Moon.   The Night of the Moon is a festival celebrating magic and the unknown. It's an event for everyone without differences, and during it everyone should be equal. Some of the rich families often provide free food to the poor, and the city guard looks away from minor crimes.  

Traditional Food

During the festival many taverns and inns, but also many citizens bake small cakes in the form of a crescent moon. These fist sized cakes use trace amounts of Ambrosia Fungi and are often glazed with sugar or filled with jam. The Fungi gives them a slight spicy taste which mixes incredibly well with the sweetness of the other ingredients.   Additional there is a traditional tea, made out of the Ambrosia Fungi. This spicy tea is often heavily sweetened with sugar. It's often mixed with various fruit juices or milk. In some circles it's even mixed with wine, beer or spirits.


The Night of the Moon festival starts when the sun sets behind the Mountains of Roxtoi and ends with the first morning light. It's a night filled with celebration, music and magic. The whole Golden Coast celebrates this day and some would say, the amount of hallucinogenic spores in the air lifts the mood of everyone involved.   One of the most important things happening during that night is the moon's prophecy. At midnight, a priest or priestess of the Star Seekers at Tria's Light in Okodranous takes an overdose of Ambrosia Fungi and enters a trancelike state. While in this state, the priest will receive vivid dreams and prophecies, which have been proven to by highly accurate in predicting the future.
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