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Goddess of the Moon, Healing, Magic and Twilight

Tria has been here since the beginning of time. She is the source of magic, and the patreon of twilight and shadows. Her followers are scattered all over the world and come from all walks of life. Highly valued practitioners of the Arcana Arts and the most skilled healers count to her followers as much as criminals, assassins and anybody else, who wants to stay in the shadows.    
Tennents of Faith
  • Magic is a tool. Use it freely, but respect its power.
  • Stay in the twilight. Too much light and everything burns. Too much darkness and the world dies.
  • You are the architect of your own path. You are responsible for your own life.


Tria's depictions vary like the phases of the moon. She has been seen using countless different forms, but most commonly she is depicted as a beautiful, young, dark-skinned, Elven woman, with long wavy silver hair and purple eyes. Other times she is shown as a slender young girl, with brown hair and her eyes the color of the night sky. And her third most common form is the form of a middle-aged human woman, with ashen hair and silver streaks.   She often wears long, flowing clothes with silver threats, blending into the night sky behind her. Most times, a diadem depicting the crescent moon is woven elegantly into her hair.  


Tria does not judge people, no matter where they come from or what they do. Her followers believe that good and evil are just mortal concepts, and the world needs a balance between light and dark. There is no need to grow as an individual in paradise, but there is also no point in living in a dystopia.   Tria preaches to help everyone if you can, to provide healing, shelter and food to everyone who needs it, but she also preaches to first look out for yourself. There is no point in helping others if you can't even help yourself. Therfor followers of Tria seldom actively offer their help to others, but they will always provide it, if asked.  


In the beginning, there was nothing. No time, no space, only darkness; an endless and eternal void of nothingness. But this is only part of the truth. Because in this endless void, there was a single mote of light. A tiny piece of light and hope - the beginning of something great. The beginning of everything that exists today.
For an eternity, this mote of light was the only thing that existed, but eventually it grew tired and bored. So it gave itself up and gave birth to the elements, and three new lights in the dark. The elements formed the world as we know it, and the lights grew into the three siblings of the Sky. Yana - the Lady of Light, Tria - the Source of Magic, and Izral - the Force of Change.
To this day, the Sun reminds the Mortals of Yana's love, Trius the big moon in the sky reminds them of Tria's Magic, and Izrak, the red moon, reminds them of Izral's change.
— The beginning of Lothrea
  Tria was one of the first gods to ever walk this world. She came into existence the moment the world was created. She and her siblings have been watching and guiding Lothrea since its very beginning, and they will be there watching its end.   During the Age of Arcanum Tria watched and guided many big civilisations on their way of discovery. She never took an active role, never directly interfered with the business of Mortals, only guided and notched people in the right direction. Unlike other gods, she didn't demand worship. She only demanded for people to respect the force of Magic, and most people did.  
I think it's not hard to make the connection, even if there is absolutely no evidence for it. Tria tells her followers to respect the power of Magic, but The Everlasting Empire of the Dragon never did. And you know what happened to them, right? They've unlocked the secrets of this world and researched its foundation, but they never respected it. They exploited everyone and everything, and eventually their research threatened the core fabric of this world.
If you ask me - for once- Tria intervened and removed them all from existence. Tria might not seem to care about what you do, but be careful, because when you upset her, her judgement is final.
— A priest of Tria
  When her two Siblings Yana and Izral fought against each other during the War of Fate, Tria was caught in the middle. In the beginning, she didn't really care. There always needs to be a balance between light and dark, good and bad, joy and pain. A war is nothing unnatural, on the contrary it's necessary to keep the balance.   But this war destroyed entire continents and killed millions, and at some point, Tria had to intervene. She could no longer sit idly by while her siblings destroyed the world. Nobody knows what she did, as everything from this point onward has been mostly lost to time.   A few records speak of Tria single-handedly defeating her siblings, but most scholars agree this is very unlikely. Others speak of her sacrificing herself, which made her siblings reconsider what they were fighting for, but Tria seems to still be around, which makes a sacrifice equally unlikely. To this day, nobody can agree, what she did or if she even did anything, but soon after, the war had ended. Some call it lucky circumstance, others firmly believe that Tria saved this world. In the end, nobody will ever know.  
We just have to believe that there is someone watching out for us, even if the world doesn't seem to care. Tria saved us. I don't need anyone to proove it.
— A priest of Tria
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Divine Domains
Moon, Magic, Healing & Twilight
Divine Classification
Greater Deity

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