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The Everlasting Empire of the Dragon

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That's what I call Irony, isn't it? Calling it the Everlasting Empire in itself is a testament to their hybris and overestimation of their own power. Even if nobody knows what exactly destroyed this powerful nation in the end, I'm pretty sure I know what eventually led to their doom. It's quite obvious, honestly. Greed and hunger for power. As simple as that. They played with powers way above the capabilities of any mortal creature. They reached for the stars, and got sent to hell for it.
  The Dragonborn have been living in various tribes on their home continent of Dorovari since their creation. Fighting between each other, they nearly wiped out their complete species. But shortly after the beginning of the Age of Arcanum, they united, led by the Dragons themselves.


In contrast to what its sheer size would suspect, the empire had a pretty centralised form of government. The primary seat of power was in their capital Alavir in the center of the continent Dorovari.


A few hundred years before the War of Fate, the Empire just vanished with all its inhabitants on Dorovari. The structures and cities are all still there, now abandoned and left to fall into ruins. The countless colonies of the Empire quickly lost their hold over their territories as the suppressed people rose and fought for their freedom. The remains of the Empire have fought many bloody wars and in the beginning, it might have looked good for the colonies, but without supplies and help from their capital, eventually they lost and had to abandon most of their territories.   Out of those colonies, many small nations, like the Clans of Dracari, formed and had to stand on their own feet. Some tried to carry on the way's of the old empire, others tried to reinvent themselves and built something new. The relationships between those nations and their surroundings are usually tense at best, as the wounds of suppression and injustice for centuries are deep and have left their scars.   Even if the Empire no longer exists, their influence is still visible all over the world. They have unlocked magical knowledge that has been lost with their doom, and built countless structures that are still used today. They have created many powerful artefacts, and most of the current understanding of magic depends on discoveries made by their mages.


The Empire ruled the whole continent of Dorovari and held many colonies all over the world. It's said, that there was always a place within the empire, where the sun has not set yet. On Teldora, during their prime, the Empire ruled most of the southern continent, what would be today's Dracari and Meisian.
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Eternity belongs to us!

Dissolution Date
A few hundred years before the War of Fate
Successor Organization
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