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God of Change, War, Bravery and Suffering

Many people fear change. Seeing Izrak, the red moon, standing in the sky is a bad omen in many cultures. But change is not bad. Change is necessary and inevitable. Followers of Izral have embraced this. Only those who can adapt to new circumstances can survive. Many warriors and soldiers, but also inventors and other forward thinking people, are praying for his blessing.  
Tenets of Faith
Embrace change. Only the brave will survive.
War is an engine of change. Fight for what you believe is right.
Suffering is unavoidable. Change isn't easy. Push through and grow.


by Midjourney
Izral has intervened in mortal affairs more than any other god, and countless rather detailed descriptions of his divine form exist across history. He often appeared as a gigantic, ever-changing red shadow, vaguely resembling a humanoid. His figure always seemed tall, with a translucent quality, reflecting the adaptability of change. Even the air around him seemed to ripple and change, creating an image of constant movement.   From time to time he chose the form of a mortal being instead. Sometimes to influence societies from within, other times to appear to his followers in a less intimidating form. The most prominent of these appearances is a battle-worn Half-Giant man with long black hair flowing in the wind, scars across his face with burning red eyes, and a single elegant blade in hand.  

Morals & Values

Izral's teachings are harsh and without much empathy, but - let's face it - so is the world around us. He wants us to face this truth, push through, and grow. He isn't just a force of destruction. He is an engine of change and growth, forcing us to become the best versions of ourselves.
— Priest of Izral
  Izral's central teaching is to embrace change willingly. Change is not to be feared, but it's an inherent part of the journey of life. It is the catalyst for growth, innovation, evolution, and transformation. Without change, the world would stand still. Therefore his followers value adaptability and courage above all.   Adaptability is a core value in Izral's teachings. Only those who can adapt to new circumstances can survive and truly thrive. This includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects of self. Only by improving all aspects of oneself and the people around them, an individual can achieve a resilience in the face of life's unpredictable challenges.   Facing the unknown requires bravery, and Izral encourages his followers to confront challenges with a bold and open heart. Those who are not able to face change, or can't muster up the courage to do so, ultimately will fail.   War and conflict are the main engines of change. Izral doesn't see war as a goal to be reached, but just as a means to an end. War extends further than clashing weapons, it also symbolises the struggles for ideals, justice, and progress in day-to-day life. He urges his followers to fight for what they believe is right, recognizing that conflict and suffering are sometimes necessary for change.  


In the beginning, there was nothing. No time, no space, only darkness; an endless and eternal void of nothingness. But this is only part of the truth. Because in this endless void, there was a single mote of light. A tiny piece of light and hope - the beginning of something great. The beginning of everything that exists today.
For an eternity, this mote of light was the only thing that existed, but eventually it grew tired and bored. So it gave itself up and gave birth to the elements, and three new lights in the dark. The elements formed the world as we know it, and the lights grew into the three siblings of the Sky. Yana - the Lady of Light, Tria - the Source of Magic, and Izral - the Force of Change.
To this day, the Sun reminds the Mortals of Yana's love, Trius the big moon in the sky reminds them of Tria's Magic, and Izrak, the red moon, reminds them of Izral's change.
— The beginning of Lothrea
  Izral and his sisters have been created together with this world. They have been watching and guiding Lothrea since its creation, and they will see its end. Izrak, the red moon in the sky, reminds people of Izrals ever changing force.   During the Age of Arcanum, similar to his sister Tria, Izral did not demand worship from the mortals, he only demanded respect. His force of change brought birth and destruction to many great empires. He was the engine for many brilliant innovations and accomplishments.   But eventually his sisters, Yana and Tria became worried about the achievements of the mortals, as they slowly reached for godhood. Izral on the other side believed that nothing should stand in the way of change and tried to stop his sisters from knocking down all those great civilisations he helped to build.   This conflict escalated into the biggest war this world has ever seen, the War of Fate. Izral fought against his sisters, god against god, and civilisation against civilisation. Mortals ascended into godhood, while other gods were killed and forgotten. The wraith of the sisters burned and scarred the world, while Izral fought to bring the conflict to an end.   For Izral, war is an engine of change, and war always serves a purpose to eventually change the world for the better. Needless destruction and suffering are not part of Izral's plan. Eventually he managed to convince Tria to see reason, and embrace mortal souls for what they are. After years, or even centuries of devastating war, together they reigned in Yana and brought this horrible chapter of history to an end. Together, they brought a new dawn and a new age.
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Divine Domains
Change, War, Bravery & Suffering
Divine Classification
Greater Deity

Major Temples
Holidays & Celebrations

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