Bringers of Change

Izral is not a good god. He brings change and suffering over this world. He has destroyed countless lives and people and his influence brought whole empires to the brim of anihilation. But Izral isn't evil either. He just is. He is a nessesary force of nature! How would any of us ever learn and grow, without the world changing around us? Even if we might not like it, it's as nessesary for our survival as air and water
  Most people see Izral as the worst of the Three Children of the Sky. He brings suffering and war. but the Bringers of Change see more in him. To them, change is nessesary for an individual to grow. They pray to Izral regardless of the pain he causes and the suffering that happens because of his actions.   The Bringers of Change are a rather small organisation along the Golden Coast, having very little followers, because of the nature of the god they follow. Still, they are tollerated within the cities, as most people fear the wraith of Izral should they refuse to harbour his followers.  


The Bringers of Change are a rather young religion at the Golden Coast. They were founded after the War of Fate by people who believe that even if this war destroyed most of the world, it was nessesary for its survival. It was a cleansing, a purge of the old, to make room for new things, to allow everyone to grow and become a better version of themselves.   Over the last few decades, many suspected the Bringers of Change to be responsible for various wars and attacks, or at least fueling them with resources. So far nobody could prove any of these allegations, even if it's not hard to make this connection. To this day, their tempels are reluctantly tollerated within the city, as they still provide benefits like healing to the people.  
I would love to get rid of those bastards! I know Izral is out there, but I don't think he should be worshipped. He only brings pain and suffering. Even if his followers might bring some benefit to the people around them, their damage way outweighs their benefit. But everytime we tried to get rid of them, they fought back and the poor folk rebelled against us. If we want to get rid of them, we need to be smart about it, but our chance will come!
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